Queen of CommonSense
This queen of commom sense is tired, really tired, of our American society that permits kids to run the household, because she knows adults ought to be in charge. As simple as this seems, it’s a controversial issue that leads to spirited thinking and dialogue on her show, in her workshops, public speaking engagements, her newspaper column and wherever this Queen of Common Sense encounters parents.

Who is Shirlee Smith?
• Foster parent to Brandi, age 18 (since Brandi’s birth)
• Former foster parent to more than 12 special needs infants
• Single parent of four adult children (all university graduates)
• Grandmother of three and great-grandmother of one

So What Makes Shirlee Tick?
“When it comes to parenting, there’s no such thing as an expert,” she says, and goes on to proclaim, “There are certainly those who claim to be, but basically they are long on research and real short on time in the trenches.”

• With four children and a baby in a buggy, Shirlee went back to school
• She graduated from UCLA as Departmental Scholar in Sociology
• She is a former appointee to the Los Angeles County Commission For Children and Families
• And a former appointee to the Los Angeles County Adoptions Commission
• Former Altadena Library Trustee
• She is a graduate of the CORO Leadership Program for Women
• She has received Congressional Recognition: Women In Business
• She is host and producer of award-winning cable TV show, "Talk About Parenting with Shirlee Smith"

• As an opinion columnist, she has received first place Journalism Award from the Greater Los Angeles Press Club for Personal Commentary
Greater Los Angeles Press Club

• 2006 Angel in Adoption Congressional Award
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institue

• 2012 Chair Pacific Clinics Family Programs Advisory Board

• She is author of “They’re Your Kids Not Your Friends” and the Spanish version, "Son tus Hijos no tus Amigos."

In Bloomingdales:
“Excuse me, I’m Barbara, I’ve seen your parenting show and I want to applaud you for taking an important stand on so many important issues. I’d like to work with you. Can you use help?”

At the 99cents store:
“Hi, I think, oh, you are Shirlee Smith and you really do shop here! This is my son Rodney and Rodney, this is that lady on television. Rodney has his own business. Will you take his phone number and help him, if you can?  We appreciate what you’re doing Ms Smith, everybody does.”

On the Ross (Dress for Less) elevator:
“You don’t know me, but I watch your show and when you talked about people in Beverly Hills not paying interest on their credit cards because they pay the balance in full and call the company to take it off, if they get charged. I started following your advice, thanks.”

In line at the local post office:
“You’re Shirlee Smith! I’d know that voice anywhere. My kids hate your show ‘cause they know you’re right-on and they know I’m listeníng. I make ‘em watch with me. Right on girlfriend.“