1) STAY AWAY FROM McDonald’s

            2) STAY AWAY FROM Jack in the Box

            3) STAY AWAY FROM Popeye’s Chicken

            4) STAY AWAY FROM Louisiana Fried Chicken

            5) STAY AWAY FROM Kentucky Fried Chicken

            6) STAY AWAY FROM In and Out Burger

            7) STAY AWAY FROM Taco Bell

            8) STAY AWAY FROM Carl’s Jr. (and all the others)

                                       We owe it to children to provide fruit and vegetable snacks
                                       We owe it to children to provide water, not sodas or fruit juice
                                       We owe it to children to replace juice with an actual piece of fruit
                       We owe it to children NOT to visit the fast food establishments as a family “treat”


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  1. -Nate

    Oddly ;

    My Missus gets angry every time I buy our Teenaged Foster boys a big bag of oranges and they eat them all up in two days .

    I say : more power to them , lets buy more fruit next time , attempt to keep enough so they can’t eat it all . oranges , apples , bananas , whatever we can get .

    But , what do I know ? .


  2. Jean Troy

    You are correct and there are family resturants that serve healthy dishes such as the Soup plantation. there they get fresh vegetables and fruits soups and other healthy desserts. This is where we go for treats. We also have fruit on the table since braces have been a part of our family life water is the beverage of choice. Smoothies are fun so I always have the ingrediants on hand, the hard part is reinforcing this with outside family members. But we keep trying.

  3. -Nate

    Greta ~

    No , you are on the right track , it’s all about moderation .

    Anyone who stops eating fun meat based foods , won’t be able to stick to it .

    Burgers every day for lunch as was given to me for decades so I’d eat on the job and not stop working , were a very bad thing indeed .

    Going out for pizza , In-N-Out once in a while , isn’t going to kill anyone .

    I too love Souplantation ! . I often go these with my Brother after a long hard day’s work .

    I especially love their onion soup .

    My sweet Lady , not so much =8-) .


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