Of course, I zeroed in on the mention of children and families and on that issue I’ll pick Hillary as the winner of Sunday’s Presidential Debate. She’s had years of working for the betterment of families.

The two UCLA Political Science Professors who, following the debate, answered questions, posed by members of the Rose Bowl Bruins event that took place in Pasadena at Bar Celona in Old Town, didn’t in my opinion name a victor.

Of course Donald was back with accusations hurled at Hillary regarding her personal email server and, as to be expected, she was busy reminding the TV audience that her opponent hasn’t paid income tax.

Hillary smirked a lot when she was really annoyed with her opponent and he paced back and forth when he wasn’t able to interrupt which he does as part of his child-like impulsivity.

From a parent’s perspective, maybe Hillary didn’t really win. Maybe it was the foul mouthed old man who scored the winning point given to him by none other than Hillary.

The last question from the town hall format asked the candidates what they could say nice about the other.

Hillary, the Democrat,said of Donald, the Republican’s children, “I respect his children they are incredibly able and devoted.” Maybe Donald won on his children’s capabilities?

But wait, this doesn’t really fly very high as there are no wings flapping in this empty statement but that’s pretty much how Hillary conducted herself when it came to talking about tough issues such as her husband’s sexual actions compared to Trumps sex talk.

There had to be something gained from watching this wild bit of entertainment billed as a presidential debate. But what was it?

Two adults of which one will be elected to lead America have the clear ability to act like young children do when discovering they don’t have enough legos to build both a barn and a corral.

Donald just pretends he has all the necessary pieces to get the job done and Hillary not understanding a game that’s being played with no rules, instead of pouting, simply keeps smirking.

Parents, please let’s not let our kids behave like this at home or in public?

Let’s get our young ones to watch the next debate with us  and let’s help them see exactly what their childish behaviors look like as they are played out by these candidates in an adult setting.

Who won the debate? There was no winner. It wasn’t a debate. It was child’s play. It was “He said, she said you did.” It was, “Mom, he’s hitting me.”

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  1. Jean C. Troy

    I can agree that having been on a debate team that the rules were not followed. what concerned me was that the moderators kept giving them questions that had nothing to do with the issues that truly affect our country. I agree that the only thing that Hilary could do was to keep Her peace, sometimes smirking but with the clown bullying her, reminded me of what we hear when a husband tells his wife she is worthless, He kept saying that for 30 years she has done nothing to benefit the country. This was not stopped by the moderators are even called. Donald seems to want to bring the debate to ground floor level which again the public suffers, we are the ones who have to make our decision on hot air. I agree with Bob Sheiffer who said it was like wrestle mania. Americans have ask for this so maybe they are the children and maybe the candidates are just a reflection of them?

  2. Bill


    This blog was absolutely brilliant! Our students and children should be apprised that what they are looking at, concerning the debate is—–A Circus! The finite rules of debating were not adhered to, during the course of the “slug-fest.” Children should be directed to look at how oft-times many of the questions were not answered; avoided; “side-stepped;” or completely “re-configured” so that “empty rhetoric” was given an “air of substance.” And let’s not forget, to have our children observe the “air of righteous indignation” and pompous behavior that the debaters displayed, when caught in a lie.

    The children should also be directed to look at the cool, cold, aloof and disrespectful body-language that spoke volumes; many times before a word was even uttered. Smirks and
    facial grimaces were the order of the day; while both debaters tried to “suppress” their
    seething rage and animosity toward each other. One candidate was far more successful in maintaining a more professional decorum, than the other. Elements of “bullying” could be perceived by observing the body-language, the overtly visceral shouting and the snide asides that were inappropriately uttered. Is this the way our children should learn how to “debate” or settle their differences? Hmm, I wonder!

    And let us not forget the “cutesy-child-like manipulations” of politicians (namely, one Debbie Wasserman-Schultz…successful in de-railing Bernie Sanders’ campaign with her plethora of “scurrilous,” secret e-mails); and the media and sponsors with products to sell (who feverishly desired for a “specific match-up” for the two opposing sides—-for greater ratings and higher revenues). As long as one looks “earnest” and “innocently concerned” in endeavoring to do something—-you can hopefully get the desired effect that you wanted. It seems to matter not, about what “underhanded” things that were done to get one’s desired goals. Aren’t these just GREAT LESSONS for our children to be learning? Yes, the elements of child-like immaturity of behavior—-were greatly on display for parents and children to see. Now, after intermission at the circus, we will see if one candidate’s image will become further distorted in the mirrors of the fun house; and if the “bearded-lady” will be hiding any “additional” secrets in her beard.
    Ah, let us teach the children well! Popcorn or peanuts for anyone?
    —–Bill Allen, Jr.

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