A funny thing happened. Last week’s blog “Talking Dirty” got a whole lot of attention but no one other than brave Jean Troy was willing to post her view on “Talking Dirty.”

But the no-posting people certainly had stories they sent to me by email but nothing for the general public to read..

A couple of people asked me to post their stories, that were every bit as hillarious as Jean Troy’s, but they didn’t want their names attached.

Well, of course, I could have easily done that, but why bother, especially since I think I discovered parents are still a bit squirmish about the sex talk subject?

Hmm, this has to be just some parents. I took a wild chance. I actually thought there would be some wild kind of response with a bunch of family stories – none!

I said/wrote something about me sharing a reasonable approach to this touchy subject in the next blog ? i think I did but I’m reneging and only providing a link to a most important article that spells out the benefits of communicating with our kids, especially our daughters, and how that can produce for them a a life of understanding their bodies and the opportunity to experience safe sex attitudes.

For those who may have missed Jean Troy’s comment:

“The time to talk sex is when they ask. You should keep it age appropriate, and only answer the asked question. I remember I bought a book on sex it was geared toward 6-9 year olds and it even had pictures very basic ones. It was printed by the people who did Life Magazine. I sat with my two older chidren and explained the pictures, and read the book with them answering their questions as we went along. Feeling very smug that I had done my duty as a parent and that my children were very well educated regarding sex. Well one evening after picking them up from school and as I drove into the driveway the children saw two dogs going at it down the block, Very loudly they started screaming Look Look they are having sex as I looked around my neighbors were peering out the window looking at me like I had raised two sexual deviants. So we had another chat about not talking out loud about sex in public.”

Here’s the aforementioned link:

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  1. -Nate

    That’s a great story .

    I guess my comment didn’t make it ? .

    It’s a squeamish subject yes but allowing my then young Son to go off un taught and have something bad happen , wasn’t an option to this Single Parent .

    We had ‘ The TALK ‘ before he asked me and anytime after that when he had a question he knew that like always , he could ask me about anything and if I didn’t know I’d tell him so and ask if he wanted to learn with me or what would make it easier for him to learn .

    I’m happy to announce my baby boy (turns 38 next week) has only brought me joy , no bastards , no STD’s , etc. .

    It’s do-able , this subject is and if you love your Child you’ll swallow your pride and get on with it before disaster strikes .


    1. Shirlee Smith

      Thanks Nate. Disaster seems to be in the thoughts of the thinker. And too many parents have open arms, baby showers and take it in stride that the 15 year-old is becoming a parent. You, I and Jean Troy must be the odd balls on the block or as she said the neighbors thought about it – raising deviants. Sorry about your previous lost comment.

  2. Bill Allen, Jr.


    I’m so surprised! People STILL squeamish about talking to their kids about sex…in THESE TIMES? TODAY, KIDS NEED TO BE ARMED WITH AS MUCH AMMUNITION (MEANING KNOWLEDGE)AS POSSIBLE, SO THEY CAN STAY HEALTHY, NOT BECOMING PARENTS “BEFORE THEIR TIME,” AND TO STAY ALIVE! While I don’t have children, I did NOT hesitate to be straight forward, albeit appropriately educational /and “tasteful” in lexicon—–when I spoke to my nephews. If one is ignorant concerning what is going on in their body…when the manifestations of symptoms show up On/In the Body, it might be too late to bring about any type of healing; or hopefully a return to good health.

    With so much discussion going on about “the controversies” of “vaccinations,” parents must impart solid knowledge and discuss with their children about a myriad of new diseases, that our generation did not have to be concerned about when we were “kids.” Yes, the “standard STDS” are STILL of great importance to avoid. However, there is now a viruse(s) that the medical community is stating that young girls AND boys should be vaccinated by the age of l5 or 16. And of course, there’s that ONE Contracted Virus that can Alter A Person’s Life…and be accompanied with a huge “Social Stigma” F-O-R-E-V-E-R! Our Contemporary Scarlet “A.” Because we have not REALLY matured regarding the carnal aspects of being Human Beings, society is simply satisfied with “selling corporate-consumer goods USING sex; and overly satiating people’s senses with sexy media stimuli 24/7. And all while expecting people/children/youth/young adults—–NOT to physically respond to the plethora of stimuli! There’s the old question of what came first—- The chicken or the egg? And while that is an interesting question to ponder, what is REALLY important, is that we help our kids be as INFORMED, RATIONAL AND RESPONSIBLE as possible (in the midst of Raging Hormones)—-so that kids won’t have “a ‘scrambled’ life.” “Sunny-side-over-EASY” conversations / or no conversations at all… just won’t just won’t cut it in today’s world. You brought about another very valid and important topic as usual, Shirlee! Thanks for YOUR COURAGE!

  3. Jean Troy

    Like Nate I’m so glad that I made that effort I too have adult children and now grandchildren and sex is an open subject at the table. Especially when young people are going away to college in this new day, they need to know they havea safe zone. We talk about sex, drinking and we talk about abstinence but we also talk about what could happen and if it does there is family here to help and guide them to right way to solve the issues. Love and prayer are the best defence against the outside world. yes I’ve had to swallow hard and like Nate there are subjects I’ve never heard of but together we find the material that helps us learn.

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