Parent Development Classes

Creating Discipline That Works                                   Accessing Resources

Home Environment                                                       How To Make Schools Work For Your Child

Organizing The Family 
                                                 Working With Agencies 

Your Kids Your Money                                                  Social Media controls

Child Development                                                       Special Needs Children

                                                           Effective Communication


Custom Designed To Fit Client’s Needs

Partial List of Current/ Former Clients

-USC school of Social Work


-California Dept, Corrections Rehab

-Pacific Clinics

USC Community School Program

Brenda Farfan – Convener
“Your presentation was magnificent! Parents have expressed how useful your information was. Some, including myself, have begun the notebook idea. A well-organized notebook with dividers which includes pertinent information for each child.”

Center for Community & Family Services

Sharon Hilson –  Convener
“Overall, your presentation was awesome. The topic was right on target. It was well received by the audience. The documents you provided were well organized and detailed so that parents can go back and refer to them and share with others.”

Sheryl – Parent

“Open discussion and feeling free to say things as we saw them. Leader didn’t make us feel any of our answers were wrong.”

Michael – Parent

“Everything was clear and easy to understand because she used everyday examples that happen to you.”


We’ve learned that parents want to talk about their kids and want help with problems they encounter. Parents love Shirlee’s common sense approach to raising well adjusted and successful kids. With her wit and wisdom, she changes the complex issues into positive challenges and offers workable solutions.