Who Will Still Be Bringing Home The Bacon?

Who Will Still Be Bringing Home The Bacon?

Crunching his teeth, well, his dentures, on two pieces at a time of crunchy pork bacon he had just jammed into his mouth, he didn’t miss a chew, when I asked his opinion on the recent World Health Organization’s report on bacon and other processed meat causing cancer.

His answer was slow coming as my breakfast partner had several more bacon strips on his plate.

I was patient, not usually this way, but I knew if I started babbling I would never get an answer and I really wanted to know if this information from a well- recognized health organization meant much to those who ignore everything else that relates to the food industry and, in my opinion, makes all of us need the medical practitioners.

“You can’t believe what you read or hear,” he said while wiping his greasy lips.
He told me he’d heard the report on the TV news he was watching at the dinner table with his grandkids. They said, “No way,” when they heard what Granddad called the “nonsense” about hot dogs.

The youngsters, he told me, wanted to know if they were going to die from cancer if they ate hotdogs anymore.

“What am I supposed to tell a kid when there is such bad information coming at them?” he asked me.

My breakfast partner never directly answered my question about the report but he certainly presented enough inferences to let me know this information regarding processed meat and possibly all red meat, when consumed by humans, presenting some disastrous health issues, had no true meaning at his dinner table.

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  1. -Nate

    Hard to argue that any and all processed meats are very bad for your health .

    Me , I love almost any processed meats…

    The sad thing is that too many poor folks eat hot dogs almost on a daily basis , this , like the red dye # 2 , is what causes the trouble : too much of it on a daily basis .


  2. Laura Monteros

    In the first place, human beings were likely eating red meat before they ate grains, so our bodies know how to process meat. In the second place, a strip of bacon evidently (even if the report is accurate) takes only seconds off your life, so it’s well worth the price.

    Unless a person has a condition that requires a strict diet, just using common sense in eating should be just fine.

  3. Jean Troy

    All things in moderation. To treat yourself to a steak or a hot dog every once in a while I don’t believe will hurt you. But you need to balance these treats with excercise and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Also you need to watch your other indicators I have diabetes so its mostly fruits and vegetables, sliced chicken, turkey and fish for the most part. I too am a meat eater but if you don’t want to be a burden on your loved ones you need to try and keep your self fit. Starting Kids out earlly with a sensible diet will help them to be safe in the long run.

  4. Bill Allen, Jr.

    Dear Shirlee,

    As usual, a great and very important blog!
    The World Health Organization’s “Report”is not really “new” to people whom have been– curious,interested,research-oriented or prone to view documentaries on our food chain (like the excellent FOOD, INC. or SUPER SIZE IT). While I do not eat red meats, I do consume large portions/quantities of fish, (a little chicken), fruits & veggies. I do NOT judge other people’s eating habits. MY PRIMARY CONCERN IS—– FOR PEOPLE’S HEALTH AND LIFE-SPAN OR LONGEVITY. I also feel that we must take into account “the ‘Gerrymandering’ of quality food distribution” in our various minority demographic areas. We know media pretends that this does not exist, but we know that it really does (the same as in the car insurance).

    The media ads claim that they want people to “eat healthy” food. However, the “healthy food” usually COSTS SO MUCH TO BUY, often times people must make other selections (like hot dogs with #2 dye or fast foods). Unfortunately, we DON’T have many “Family Farmers” anymore. The farm industry has been “kidnapped” by “corporate farmers” like the heinous and avaricious Monsanto Company.
    Hence, all types of “preservatives, additives, growth hormones, “super hormones,” dyes” and etc. have been added to our food chain. Although we all have our own likes and dislikes regarding our culinary enjoyments—-it is NOW MUCH MORE SERIOUS for us to decide what we wish to eat. It also makes an old adage, something much more to think about—–“Are we eating to live…Or are we living to eat?” Serious things to ponder, during these serious times. Bon appetit?

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