What to tell her handsome young son when his classmates assured him his days at “their” school were just about over because Donald Trump would make sure he was on the other side of The Wall to be built by the Mexican Government.

Mom wasn’t a person known for paying much attention to politics. She, as a single parent, was busy holding down two low-paying jobs and making sure her one kid got the best America had to offer.

Well, at least he was getting the best of America that she could give him, and one of her gifts to him was to avoid letting him know that he was in any way different to the white-majority kids at the school she drove him to and picked him up from every day.

“A Wall?” she asked her neighbor.

That Trump name, Mom sorta remembered from television and some show called The Apprentice – where he fired people – and for her somewhat foggy recollection they weren’t even Mexican.

Trumped on the schoolyard playground?

While one mom was working hard to make life as comfortable as possible for her young son, his playground counterparts had moms and other family members who were just as busy relishing in their upcoming opportunity to take their country back.

Those kids, the owners of the school, those who called it their school, didn’t make up the idea of a wall separating them from the rapists and criminals that cross the border into our country.

Were they schoolyard bullies? Were they kids just repeating the conversations they’d heard at home?

When white parents believe the country belongs to them, most certainly their children will follow the family value system and believe the schoolyard is theirs.

The comfortable life that Mom believes she can provide for her son can’t just join their household based upon her hopes and dreams.

“Yes, a Wall” the neighbor answered, and added she suspected the Donald would be deporting Chinese, since the railroads had long been completed and they have overstayed their time.

The neighbor further remarked that African-Americans would be rounded-up, Obama included, since their group is no longer needed to pick cotton.

Mom was totally confused. The sarcasm didn’t register. She only knew her son didn’t understand what the kids on the playground were laughing about and neither did she.

This political season is much more than an upcoming election. It is a time for parents to take a look at who they are, who they thought they were, and to move forward providing their children an age-appropriate accurate view of the American reality.

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  1. -Nate

    Well said Shirlee ! .

    Wouldst that more Americans would take a hard look in the mirror to see who’s there .

    A fellow I know is a hate filled tea bagger who’s Son wound up a methhead and last week gave up , bought a shot gun and killed him self .

    Mean whilst , Dad and Mom are crying ‘ how did this happen ? ‘ .

    Maybe it had something to do with your never ending parade of hate and racist spew ? .


  2. Greta Pruitt

    Your story conjures up a few visions – of parents who are pretty much all in the same boat, struggling to earn enough to support a family with little time left for explaining TV nonsense, other families that may silently agree with Trump’s evil ignorance or evil intent, whichever you subscribe to, or the family that doesn’t listen carefully and capture moments for good teaching. In any case, the kind of lunacy this election has brought to our TV’s and our conversations is shocking and deserving of everyone’s attention. So this is the world we have become!! Shame on us.

  3. Jean C. Troy

    I’m both horrified, and concerned that Donald Trump has kept up his racial rhetoric, with seemingly litttle censorship from the news media, some of my friends think He is funny and I say who will be laughing when He becomes the leader of the United States. This Man has no Idea of the damage He is causing to our country. The hatred He is breeding , can only result in the minorities of this country being hurt. I remember being shocked at a child’s basket ball game when a father was shouting for his sons to Kill the little bastards, he was thrown out of the game, and the team had to forefiet the game . Now He would be praised, and applauded for His Americanism. I think we are moving backward and all of Dr. King’s work is being lost. As a member of the civil rights movement of the 60’s I can only mourn what is happening today.

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