Who?” I asked.

Beyonce and JAY Z,” answered my daughter who is visiting here from Colorado Springs.

Some people have all the answers.

All I knew was that the flashing signs on Arroyo at the corner of the 210 freeway and Jack in the Box in Altadena have been, for the last few days, announcing expected delays and a concert at the Rose Bowl on August 2, from 5 p.m. to midnight.

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That’s all I needed, because people here where I live just want alerts as to when to keep far away from this world-famous venue.

Aha, what would life be without the younguns (even after they ain’t so young) having the answers.

JAY Z and Beyonce’s  “On The Run” tour  coming to the Rose Bowl.

Hmm, was this part of the “Thigh Gap” scandal?, I asked my know-everything offspring.

It’s always a shocker when I know something about “their” world.

I knew he wasn’t part of the scandal. The truth was that his name, I guessed it was a him, didn’t ring a bell with me.

Kenny Rogers. Johnny Cash. Aaron Neville. Sam Cooke. Michael Jackson. All bell-ringers.

But the visiting daughter along with Brandi, the one who still lives at home,  were reluctant about telling me more about Mr. Z.

Instead, the conversation moved to the Thigh Gap scandal and what all I knew.

Thigh Gaps and girls getting surgery to have these gaps for the purpose of having a better looking body is a concern for anyone involved with helping parents do a better job of parenting. And that’s the work I do.

Who pays for this unnecessary surgery? I suspect the parents do!

Oh, the scandal…Beyonce, in a photo taken some months ago, had huge thigh gaps, and the word was that the image had been photoshopped.

Smart Mouth, from the Springs, insists the concept we’re talking about is just a simple space where you can see daylight between the upper legs (thighs) instead of flesh touching flesh.


What about the online petition focused on Shawn Carter (JAY Z) and Beyonce’s child’s
hair?  That nonsense movement ought to be called the scandal.

Of course I’m not going to the concert. I’m staying far from the Rose Bowl on August 2. The Smart Mouth from the Springs will be gone and her updates regarding who the celebrities are and the online petitions about their Children will be missed.

But a small note of support for “On The Run”: $1 from every ticket sold for the concert and a portion of the proceeds from each VIP package will be donated to The Shawn Carter Foundation to support students.

  EXCLUSIVE: Beyoncé arrives at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne with daughter Blue Ivy  2-Beyonce-and-Blue-Ivy-storming-through-the-airport-600x1061


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  1. -Nate

    ?? ‘ thigh gaps ‘ ??

    Are you kidding ?! .

    What foolishness will they think of next .

    Only a Parent who doesn’t love nor care about their Children would consider allowing much less paying for this .

    Unless you want your Daughters to be professional prostitutes like the kardashian trash clan .

    I too saw those Cal Trans warning signs about a week ago in Arroyo Parkway right off the North end of the Pasadena Freeway so I hightailed it to South Central and spent most of the weekend curled up in SWMBO’s living room reading .

    I hope the noise wasn’t too bad for you .


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