There’s nothing theoretical or ambiguous about Shirlee Smith’s parenting. Everything is important, including the music her kids listen to, clothes they wear and the friends they keep. For Shirlee there’s nothing trivial about parenting. She has worked hard to give her kids not what they wanted but what they needed. And what they needed most was a not a friend but a mother with real love and principles to last a lifetime. In They’re Your Kids Not Your Friends, Shirlee shares with parents what she’s learned and what she’s fostered in this down-to-earth book marked by practical wisdom, wit and warmth.


“I got (Shirlee smith’s) book at a time when our world seems to be coming apart at the seams and in my hands I was holding so much close to home wisdom…the book is a reminder that we can make a difference in those lives close to us.” – Myra Silverman, Parent (Ashland, Oregon)

“I started reading the book the night i bought it and couldn’t put it down; so down to earth, so much common sense.”  Lena Kennedy, (former Field Representative to California State Assemblywoman Carol Liu)

I remember these wonderful written pieces of parental advice when they were in the Pasadena Star News.” Alice Stiles (pictured left) former Pasadena Star News Assistant to the editor.

The wisdom Shirlee shares is what our old neighborhood was all about. The book is memory lane for me.Gwen Case, friend since elementary school (pictured left.)

“Raising children is chaotic and Shirlee’s common sense, “method to my madness” approach was a welcome change to what else is out there. The book is a great tool for parents or anyone. Everyone should participate in the life of a child.” – Chris McIntosh, Program director ( DHTV 21 &22)