You can count on major accidents  when the 4th of July rolls in.

What about the rest of the year?

An accident? Simply put, the word means it wasn’t intended for the action to happen.

Therefore it was an “accident” when the six year-old found his mother’s loaded gun and shot his brother DEAD.

Of course, he didn’t mean to do it nor did his mother plan the carnage. Or did she?

Another recent tragedy finds a toddler dead in the driveway run over by the mother’s boyfriend in his pick-up truck.

No, the man wasn’t out for revenge. He was not operating his truck with sinister motives. This was, in the simple definition of the word, an accident.

Mother and the boyfriend are most likely devastated.

Raising children is a huge responsibility, and while accidents can happen, a parent’s job is prevention.

Prevention? Simply put, the word means keeping an occurrence from taking place.

I heard the dad tell his 3-year-old boy to stay put next to their car in the parking lot at the grocery store.

“Okay? Now you stay right there while Daddy loads the car.”

“Load the car,” the kid repeated as he dashed out into the lane of vehicles that, fortunately, were moving slowly as the drivers looked for parking spaces.

Dad looked up when he heard a motorist screech at Dad’s kid who should have been placed in his carseat while groceries were loaded.

This dad and kid are an accident on the way to happen. If not at this parking lot at another one on another day.

Accidents or child endangerment? Accidents or irresponsible parenting?

Aren’t firearms supposed to be locked up? How come some parents don’t realize kids don’t belong in the driveway when there are moving vehicles? And what kind of parent doesn’t realize a 3-year-old is apt NOT to obey orders?

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