One Horse Open Sleigh by Richard De Wolfe

Not only will the stockings be hung by the chimney with care expecting
St. Nicholas to soon be there, but so to have the price tags been
hung on department store items expecting some unaware shoppers will
soon be there – scooping up sale items with extra dollars to spare.

Geez, it seems far better to hang with the Santa Clause myth then to
trust the big merchants with their

greedy hands digging in our purses. Sears, JC Penney, Kohl’s and Macy’s seem not to be a holiday shopper’s

best friend, claiming sale items have been marked down from prices that
never existed.

Would this mean shoppers have been duped? Does this mean we can’t
believe in the cost of goods as they’re marked?

The bust by Los Angeles City Attorney, Michael Feuer, isn’t just
nabbing these bad guys but having us see it as a lesson regarding the
old adage “If it seems too good to be true – it probably isn’t true.”

According to news reports, Feuer has said these retailers falsely
advertised higher regular prices for merchandise so customers believed
they were getting bigger bargains.

There are laws in California that were established  to keep retailers from
advertising a higher original price unless the items were actually
sold at that price within three months of the discount ad.

Sears, Kohl’s and the rest of the unscrupulous bunch who are being sued
by Los Angeles prosecutors weren’t offering the bargain shoppers were
no doubt lured into their stores by. Instead, they  violated  the
trust that, unfortunately, is given to them and, by the way, they broke
the law.

It pays (pardon the use of the word here) to scout for merchandise
long before we’re ready for the purchase in order to actually know the
original cost so as to not be fooled by a “mark-down” Holiday

Well, how many of us do that? And, if so, does it work?

There are lots of culprits out there pulling the same kind of “take the
public for a ride” shenanigans as those “outed” by Feuer.

Apple product with a special price? My daughter, the lover of all
things Apple, who I’m happy to say doesn’t have the budget to afford
most of the gadgets, told me of her dismay.

She’d been watching the price of the wanted “toy” and was overjoyed
when the cost dropped.

Ah, but only weeks after her purchase, the newer model was released.

My grandson with an AT&T phone plan couldn’t believe, and neither
could I, the list of charges that got tagged on to what initially
seemed a simple transaction.

The Macy’s/Sears/Kohl’s/JC Penney outing is an opportunity for a good
family discussion on how we’re all being taken for a ride and NOT on
Santa’s sleigh.

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  1. Joan

    This is so true, Shirlee! I am getting countless emails per week from just Harry & David alone on their Holiday “deals”, claiming free shipping or a % off discount, only to find out that is just if you spend $100 or more and other misleading Ads from so many Retailers. If it is “too good to be true”, it usually is too good to be true, for sure.

  2. Jean C. Troy

    Having worked at a department store this Idea was not new to me. We all know that special merchandise is brought in regarding holiday sales.
    Your best bet is to ask your sales associate if they are in a good mood they will tell you when the normal stock is on sale.

  3. Bill


    Of course this is sooooo timely! The merchants have been “ripping off ” the buying
    public for decades! I’m so glad that their corruption is being exposed!! And the phone companies & cable companies are the worst. This knowledge for all to know about…is A GIFT IN AND OF ITSELF! Bake, make, create, draw, write or cook something
    if you can—-for the BEST GIFTS are from the HEART and SOUL! Call someone up and tell them
    HOW SPECIAL THEY ARE TO YOU! The gift of “the human touch” NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE!
    Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Hanukkah and whatever you may celebrate—-To ALL!
    —-Bill Allen, Jr.

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