He thought it was the smart thing to do. So did his female counterpart. They were both stupid.

But then, kids are stupid. Well, that may not be the best way to say kids who are eleven years old don’t have brains that are too much developed.

That is to say, both reasoning and logic don’t quite measure up to what kids of this age portray in their conversations and vocabulary.

They may seem smart on some occasions, but they aren’t what they seem.

What smart kid would ruin the academic record, that will follow him through his college application process, just to send a sext message of his privates to his female classmate who requested such?

imagesBut don’t school people-the educators-have expert knowledge in the field of child development?

Of course they do, so why would these experts criminalize kids exercising faulty reasoning?

Then there’s the two elementary school boys caught penis-touching in the bathroom. They were suspended for a few days and thereafter, every teacher who read their cum cards had the school-given opportunity to think of them as sexual perverts. And several of the educators, it is said, thought of them as exactly that – troubled and troublesome.

Not my kid.

“My kid wouldn’t think of doing something like that” is far too often what many parents will say. The families of the unable-to-think youngsters mentioned above more than likely would have engaged in this same conversation called “ I know my kid.”

But should school records brand the stupidity of a young kid for life?

Are there some choices administrators make depending on who the family is, with a kid who displayed the undeveloped brain in a sexual manner?

There are always those households with attorney-retainer fees included in the budget, and how clean is their kid’s cum card when it comes to the recording of questionable incidents?

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  1. -Nate

    This is wrong on so many levels ~

    Children are NOT generally stupid , they’re _ignorant_ and there’s a world of difference .

    This is why a good Parent needs to talk to their Children about everything good and bad so they’ll know when some thing comes along that doesn’t seem quite right and not make poor choices .

    Children are naturally inquisitive about them selves and their sexuality .

    Punishing them for normal curiosity is evil and should not be allowed .


  2. Jean Troy

    Children will be children with Technology we have advanced them to quickly nto the adult world. and Unfortunately our school administrators are wanting to do the most expediant thing expell them and mark them as trouble makers. All children have a curiosity regarding others and their bodies, as Mothers we have seen our toddlers looking and touching their private pars. We divert them to other activities and justkeep a watchful eye out . When they are older we should encourage them to discuss their questions with you, not their peers. When I was in school there was not sexting but what went on behind the Gym aounted to the same thing. Difference was we were not judged as criminals and we’ve gone on to live good lives.

  3. Bill

    Dear Shirlee,

    Yes, many kids think that they “know” everything and cannot be told “anything” at all. However, there are some kids that “will think” about what is right or wrong in their decision-making process…provided that they have been educated, spoken to by their parents and are fortunate enough/blessed to be the recipient of “good parenting.” If “good” educators, extended family members and the community-at-large are conscientiously involved with kids…the kids have a better chance in making good choices; or at least “better” choices in life.

    Occasionally, all humans makes mistakes in life (of course kids included). But in this day and age, some mistakes are “more costly” than others! UNFORTUNATELY, we live in a TWO-TIER WORLD. Money, position, power, privilege and class-demographics often determine—-the long-reaching punishments for mistakes; or the “dismissal” or dubious “excused passes” for the elite. Adults in “power,” and school administrators who “criminalize” children or have a “leaning” to have more punitive actions toward “certain children”—–are worst than the children themselves. We must make sure that children are taught the far-reaching and dismal implications of some of their faulty actions. This is another excellent example of why “good parenting” is so crucial in our society. Thank God for Talk About Parenting and Shirlee Smith.
    As usual, this blog was great, thought-provoking and much needed.

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