Making a list and checking it twice? Wondering what to give the person who has everything?

Here’s some sound and quick advice which answers these two annual worries on the heads of too many people: Don’t make a list. The person who has everything doesn’t need anything else.

But, more than likely, those who fret about these things don’t want something like a practical answer at all.

One mother told me she made a list for her son last year, but she was a late shopper and the items were nowhere to be found when she hit the stores.

Oh, what must she do?

Another mother of three said her crew had every trinket on the market . She wondered what to give them for Christmas.

Let’s all try something a little different this year. Instead of shopping for the kid who has it all, shop for the kid who only owns the too-small pair of shoes on his or her feet.

Let’s shop for the kid who sleeps with two brothers in the back seat of the family car and when they got evicted from their home had no time to grab a favorite toy, or, for that matter, any toy.

How ‘bout we make a list of all the homeless shelters no more than an hour’s drive from our home. We will need to check it twice just to be sure there are kids at the place.

Now, this sounds like a Christmas to remember. A different kind of approach but one that certainly answers the yearly dilemma.

But what to tell our kids about no packages under the tree for them?

Let’s try the truth; we’ll tell ‘em they already have too much and we’ll take them with us for delivery at the shelter.

Let’s put a Santa hat on our kids’ pampered heads and give ‘em a sack with gifts – for somebody else – in their hands.

We can do this!

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  1. Jean Troy

    When my Husband and I retired we explained to our grandchildren that the land of plenty was over that we needed to watch our pennies. The children agreed, they decided that we do a project and give to a group who really needed to be helped, our church has an adopt a family program, it is anonymous, we just have the ages and the number in the family. Each person in our family takes on one person in the family we adopted, and we purchase gift certificates for most of the family but for the smaller ones we get a plush toy or a small truck . WE have the fun of shopping and deciding on gifts for the person. We then have a family breakfast on Christmas day and to add to the fun my Husband and I provide one gift certficate that we raffle off among the younger kids. We have had the best christmas in the last few years, and we won’t go back to the old way. No black Friday’s no christmas eve shopping no disappointed reciepients.

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