As news reports have it, Ray Rice beating his wife unconscious and dragging her off the elevator where the altercation took place,was caught on camera but now, among his other quotes delivered at a stream of press conferences, he says he has concern for what he will tell his daughter about hitting her mother.

At the time of the punch, the wife was his fiancee. Not that this classification changes the meaning of domestic violence.

Rice, star running back for the NFL Baltimore Ravens, weighs in at 212 pounds and stands at 5’ 8” and is accustomed to a good amount of violence on the football field with 300-pound mega-men on the hunt.

He’s vicious and so is the sport he excels in.

But this camera-coded interview appeal to us parents regarding concern for his baby girl Rayven (yup, named after his team – well, former team) is a sham.

His kid is but 2 1/2 years old and right now isn’t too much ready for such a conversation.

Camera talk! A devoted father most concerned with what he presents to his child?

Sounds good since all parents  should  realize our kids watch our every move.

My trouble with this bit of talking to the cameras is I don’t believe the elevator abuse is the only abusive treatment the woman he married has received.

Counseling, which he has received, may be working for him – but my guess is, only to a degree. I do suspect his counseling sessions will program him for the big conversation with Rayven when she reaches the appropriate age.

This further leads my suspicious character to truly believe the child-related concern Rice voiced in an interview is nothing more than a public relations ploy.

That’s my two cents, what’s yours?                                     Rice and Rayven

                                                                                Ray Rice, Rayven Rice

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  1. Jean Troy

    Abuse is a very strange thing, it is a form of controll and I worry about His daughter as she becomes a pre teen and talks back. will he be prepared?? His wife is probably under his control and will turn a blind eye to his abuse. I think she needs to think about protecting her daughter. From Her interviews I feel she had drank the kool-aid when she has given her interviews. Counceling should be on going for Mr. Rice. but once someone finds using their fist to resolve issues usually goes back to it.

  2. Walt Haddock

    Such explosive anger comes from deep inside a person. Without a lot of hard psychological work, Rice will always be angry and abusive. It didn’t start as an adult. It won’t end with one outburst and a little anger management. That is why it is so important for parents – BOTH OF THEM – to teach their children how to handle disappointments from birth. That’s why I’m with Shirlee on the importance of good parenting. Color, discrimination, persecution, may all be overt reasons – or excuses – for developing anger, but failure to learn how to handle such situations is not. There can be many reasons for a child’s internalizing anger and it’s a parent’s responsibility to prevent that. So, Ray, I hope you get the real incisive, cut-to-the-bone psychological help you need to examine for yourself why you’re so angry and work out the proper solutions to all your internalized issues. For your sake as well as your family.

  3. charles Clay

    This young outstanding football player who made a mistake !

    I learned a long time ago “it takes two to tango”….What did Mrs Rice do?

    As a older Black man I can see that this young couple is being take advantage of by the media for ratings, NOW(who has many members who hate men!) this is another tool for them. Others, especially the politicians whose ranks have or have had men do much more hurtful things to women, including former President Bill Clinton etc.

    Notice how different Blacks are treated as compared to whites…..

    Need I say more?

    Dr. Clay

  4. -Nate

    I don’t seem to find any link to the interview , I may be the only American left who’s not seen any of the tapes and whatnot .

    Nevertheless , beating up Women is _COWARDLY_ no matter what , I am shocked and ashamed a supposed Doctor would make excuses , I wonder what horrors you are hiding ? .


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