• November 15, 2012
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The young lady on the Cleveland RTA  bus plain ol’ wasn’t up to obeying what the  driver told her to do.

When he finally decked her, yes, an upper-cut to the jaw, she was still being defiant and yelling that her mama and her boyfriend were gonna kick his ass.

Yes, unbelievable that an adult male would hit a young lady..  And just as unbelievable are the cheers that emit from many who have seen the videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzcXn1_X2cI&feature=related

Ms Out-of-hand-colored-young- adult didn’t get that way by herself.  That “Mama” she’s gonna call on is responsible for that driver being forced into a physical confrontation. And what’s more, the girl didn’t get this way just before she boarded the bus.

Her behavior that we watch on YouTube has been cultivated over the years.  Little does “Mama” know she has not only contributed to the delinquency of her minor child but equally as horrific she, and so many other parents like her, swell the prison population and create jobs in the construction of more facilities and in the need to hire more guards

Nowadays, there’s not too much that’s shocking when it comes to what parents are letting their kids get away with.

Our mouths often hang wide open when we hear what parents are up to.  Most times  the parents are nowhere to be seen and the judgement is made by witnessing the behavior of their offspring.

Close your mouths and unbelieve this one. According to a recent article in the Pasadena Star News Treyvone Towns, 37, got his 13-year-old daughter to fight with a girl she was having problems with at eleementary school.

According to the report  the parent then encouraged his daughter to fight the victim in his presence but when the victim “gained the upper hand in the physical altercation, the parent went to his daughter’s aid striking the victim. . .”

Both father and daughter were arrested.  Dad was released on bond with an upcoming court appearance in December.  Daughter was released to the custody of a family member.

Where was this family member during the 13 years dad was grooming his daughter for  anti-social behavior that will eventually lead to prison time?  Family members should have seen this coming because it certainly wasn’t out of character for Pops to solve problems with an act of violence and encourage his daughter to do likewise.

While minorities continually increase in prison population numbers and while many scholars and researchers attribute this increase to judicial and law enforcement practices, there is an additional factor of utmost importance.

Ms Out-of-hand-colored-young-adult’s  Mama will be the first to declare a miscarriage of justice when, in later years,  her rowdy, uncouth daughter  is slammed with  a lengthy prison sentence.

And Daddy Trevone will appear in court next month clueless and unaware of his responsibility to raise a kid to understand that our society has rules and measures to live by.