I can’t help but wonder why the #BlackLivesMatter movement hasn’t included in its target of eliminating deadly force against “the people”, The Maury baby-daddy Show.

While the show doesn’t depict cops with blazing guns or dead bodies of young black men laying lifeless in the street, the message portrayed on the show is just as much a death blow to the African-American community as are the murders of

#MichaelBrown in #FergusonMo. and so many others.

Death to a once-respectable group of people, African-Americans, now has a new rain of bullets fired at them every time Maury introduces every one of the Tanishas  who slept with five different men but is pointing the finger at Janobi who appears on the TV set stage with his pants below his a–, swinging his fingers and declaring , “I ain’t nobody’s baby-daddy.”

For sure, I’m not writing about blood and guts gushing from the body of a lifeless young black man the #cops gunned down. But doesn’t anyone, other than me, recognize our daughters and sons are being set up to kill, wipe away for good, what was once a proud and honorable culture.

The DNA test proving which of the multitude of men Maury’s wronged female guest slept with is actually the “baby daddy” is a foot-stomping audience-yelling pleaser.

The parading of false fingernails and eyelashes and too much store-bought Chinese hair twisted into various styles coupled with inappropriate wardrobe choices is figuratively killing our young black daughters.

Not only do #BlackLivesMatter, but because our lives are made up of pride, culture and respect for ourselves, we don’t matter once we’ve lost hold of who we are.

The #police are killing our black sons, our black brothers, and our black male friends. The rallying cry is #BlackLivesMatter.

#TheMauryShow is providing a viewing platform for our young black daughters  and our young black sons to degrade themselves in front of the camera and  send a message to others that a valueless lifestyle will get them their 15 minutes of fame.

Where are the protesters outside the Rich Forum Theater in Stanford Ct, where the show is taped?  Where are the bullhorns declaring Maury is killing our young people?

Why haven’t the stage doors to the studio been blocked by protestors trying to keep the sex-craved young women from entering and why aren’t they there to confront the multiple baby-daddy contestants?

If the people in the  #BlackLivesMatter movement really believe our lives matter, they’ll put Maury in the unemployment line while he shops around for another show.

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  1. Thelma T. Reyna

    Right on target, Shirlee. I think that shows like this, plus the Jerry Springer show, which is highly similar, are a disgrace to not only the people they feature on their program, but to the rest of our nation. I’ve only watched parts of the Springer show a couple of times, enough to tell me it is a travesty. Jerry gets rich off the people he exploits, no matter what color or age they are. They’re all desperate folks looking for their “15 minutes of fame,” as you say, and they humiliate themselves while Jerry just loves it all. Shame on tasteless programming. Shame on making people’s private lives the laughing stock of watchers.

  2. Jean C. Troy

    I too agree with you. I think the reason this show is so popular it gives the viewer the chance to ridicule and make fun of others who they feel are worse off then themselves. It is also that self respect is not being featured in the home, and the sad judgement factor, where we feel we have the right to make fun and judge those who we feel are not handling their lives the way they should. I think instead of ignoring the shows are community leaders need to talk about what is happening when these shows air to our Race our culture and our children

  3. lydia Banales

    used to watch the Maury Show occasionally but not since I read this. I believe a lot of the problems in the world stem from the breakdown of the family. Children need stability and structure in a loving environment that promotes faith, education and a strong work ethic. Many young people are drifting into gangs or other highly structured groups (radical groups with highly organized ideals) because they didn’t find that support at home. Why are 10 and 12 year olds out on the street at midnight? Maybe I’m old fashioned but with age comes some wisdom. We are failing our children. As I write this I realize that poverty and other factors contribute to the family breakdown. Oh, I could go on and on.

    I want to comment further on your remarks about the black culture being degraded by such shows. I completely agree with your point of view. In addition to the Maury Show, there are other shows such as Judge Faith, and other court-oriented shows which are often about multiple fathers and DNA tests. These clients are usually better behaved and better kempt than those on the Maury Show but the message is the same. I’d also like to point out that respect for adults has been degraded across many cultural lines. I used to work in a social work environment where many of the employees were black. They always addressed each other as Mrs. ______ or Ms. ______. The children were very polite and showed obvious respect for their elders, even more so than among my cultural group. Much of that is gone now because we adults have allowed it to slip away. Total strangers including those much younger than me address me by my first name. Few show respect for age or gender. Young people don’t give their seats away on buses or trains to the elderly or infirm. I still get up for an elderly person, forgetting that I’m in that category myself! (Is 74 really old?).

  4. Bill

    Shirlee, you and all of great people whom had commented—-ARE RIGHT ON THE MONEY!
    So many of our social graces and displays of cultural pride have eroded so flagrantly and
    so disgracefully! Unfortunately, so many of the contemporary “parents” have the mindset of their own children; or have not bothered to impart any sense of personal pride or respectability for manners at all! It is gut-wrenching to see the decline and decay of our world.

    As far as Maury Povich (Maury “LOWvich”)and Jerry Springer (Jerry “Stinger”)—-they are the despicable dregs of the media; all for profit, of course! These two “heartless and soul-less” “tabloid-titans-of-the-boob-tube” don’t care whom or how they demean women or men. All cultures and any ethnicity are “open season” for “put-downs;” but especially people of color. While the poor souls on camera are making a mockery of themselves and their culture; what people don’t pay the real attention to, is how little humanity or self-pride either t.v. hosts truly have themselves.

    So much work needs to be done, in terms of parenting, educating, caring and instilling values that teach our young men and women how to truly “love and care for and about themselves.”
    It boils down to a sense of “class”—-is it a place to go to school (and hopefully learn something)? Or perspectives of one’s mind? Something taught by family or acquired through modeling admirable behavior that was observed or discussed in one’s home? Or all of the aforementioned? Whatever it is, we need it NOW!
    I wish that we could teach the following to ALL of our young people of color:

    “I wish I could show you the astonishing light of your own being.”
    Quote by Hafiz
    Then, maybe we could get Maury and Jerry off the air for good.
    —–Bill Allen

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