My Daddy is better than your Mommie

The Democrats roll in to Philly this week and the Ringling Brothers Circus, second act, with magic fanfare, costumes and just perfect make-up will be all about thrilling or disgusting the viewing public.

Is this about parenting? You betcha!

The Democrat Convention, much like the Republican one last week, will be prime time family time.

Lucky for us Hillary has only one kid who, I suspect, like The Donald’s kids, will take the mic and tell how wonderful her mother, the candidate, is.

What would your kids say about you if they were wearing beautifully done make-up, just the right amount of extentions in the hair-do and a simple but expensive garmet wrapped on their body?

Oh, not to worry about what and how they would deliver the accolades, since speechwriters and body language experts would be there for every rehearsal.

Family Time for sure.

There are tactics to be learned eyeballing the conventions and it has little to do with who gets our family vote.

Gosh, if only we – the nobody people – had the contacts, finances and high level gall that these wealthy politicians have, our kids could bamboozle social workers, probation officers, attorneys, judges, juries, employers and many more.

Those Trump kids were polished as if the shoe-shine boy lived in their house.

The daughter with the blonde curls and perfect shade of lipstick said her daddy was the best. Young Tiffany Trump then made it a point to talk about her grandaddy and her great-grandaddy.

Presidential Barbie, as I see her, may be matched this week with Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky who, perhaps, will parade Charlotte and Aidan, the grandchildren of the Democratic candidate, onstage while she praises Hillary as a mother who is a real person.

And what would our kids say about us?

Lessons to be learned by those of us not in the big league: Rehearse the children prior to interviews with those who need to be suckered in; understand that the children’s clothing and makeup are essential for getting the right point across; help the children forget all the family discourse and most importantly, don’t let them be thruthful.

Uh, our kids, like the politicians’ kids will learn to say what’s necessary at the given time.

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  1. Bill

    Dear Shirlee,

    What a BRILLIANT Blog! The truths that you conveyed were oh so T-R-U-E! Whether we are talking about The “Rethuglicans” or some of The “Demotrashs” (those whom are “conservative Democrates” or whom have “sold us down the river for ‘money gifts/contributions'”—-the bottom line is that we are a society of pretense. The “shiny-like-a-new penny” presentation of the Chump…er Trump kids is what society wants…desires…and fosters for business, education and unfortunately in parenting skills too. No one wants to show, or say or present truths that we can work on in correcting, or solving the broken structures in our society. These are abominable and immoral lessons that the children are watching! So, without logical and sensible parenting—-the children will grow up learn how to “pretend, be “polished,” and parade “untruths” as truths. They will enter the “human jungle” and battle each other to the deaths, of getting what they want. They will not know about the collective “grassroots allegiance” to make things better for all.
    “A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed.”
    —–Henrik Ibsen
    “We dance in a ring and suppose; but the secret sits in the middle and knows.”
    —–Robert Frost
    What “deeds” will our children learn to do?
    When will we STOP dancing in a ring…and finally sit in the middle and KNOW THE TRUTH(S)?
    —–Bill Allen, Jr.

  2. Jean C. Troy

    Very true yet the public is falling for it. I wonder how many Nannies help to raise Trumps kids. How many Butlers and drivers know their likes and dislikes since Mommy and Daddy are to busy to help. What really happens at the dinner table? My Father worked for a wealthy family and the parents would ask him what the kids wanted or needed they had no clue. But since he drove them to school and picked them up he would talk to them so He knew more about their lives than the parents.I wouldn’t mind maybe a month or two of this kind of treatment but soon I would want to go back to being myself.

    1. Shirlee Smith

      Ah, the driver, the butler, the maid all take me back to the concept of “Mammy” Black folk and other minorities have had, and still have, the peek-through positions in these wealthy households to see the real truth. Slavery days when “mammy” nursed the white babies before she could see to her own. Ah, the beat goes on

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