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Common sense instilled with sass characterizes everything Shirlee does, including the television show that’s been running since 1994. While the technology is public access, Shirlee’s approach is confidence, creativity and, of course,  controversy, in a “Hey, you should have seen Shirlee’s latest show”  kind of way. Most importantly, her messages ring loud and true with parents, the very people whom she’s all about connecting with.

And connect Shirlee does: A favorite show with science fiction writer Octavia Butler, “Inspiring Creativity,” found Butler giving credit to her mother’s influence of reading to Octavia during her early childhood years. With Jack Scott, Chancellor, California Community Colleges, who, on the show, “Parenting Philosophy,” said, “We want to hear a child‘s perspective, but it’s not an equal vote,” when it comes to the final decision. Guests include a mix of professionals and parents.

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