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Vol 2015-01
Thank you for standing behind us for what we do. We appreciate your continued support.
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Comedian/ KNBC Weatherman Fritz Coleman "Speaks To A Generation", benefitting Talk About Parenting.

     January 10, 2016 @ 7pm
     Ice House Comedy Club
     24 N Mentor, Pasadena 91106


Click here to purchase tickets now. 

At the Hollywood Bowl.....

Audra Mcdonald with the L.A. Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl
Thanks to Suzy Nemer, County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich's deputy, for our summer trek, with volunteers and supporters, to the Hollywood Bowl.  Everyone braved the day's triple-digit daytime temperature and got to the Bowl to enjoy the program and the summer breeze.

November National Adoption Month

Congressman Adam Schiff with CEO Shirlee Smith who was nominated by the congressman and is a recipient of the Congressional Angel in Adoption Award.

Click here to read the blog on National Adoption Month

There is an on-going need for parent help.  We heard from a recently released inmate who had attended our prison classes:
"I was a participant in your last session at CIW. I was released 9/1/2015. I'm having some difficulties with my teenage daughter and I was wondering if you would consider providing me with some suggestions on how to assist my daughter when she becomes confrontational about past issues and I attempt to reframe our conversation by helping her to get grounded and present. However, she gets very angry and wants to flee our visits. Are there any techniques that I could utilize during our visits so that she doesn't escalate."
             >>>>floorshowing <<<<

Trying to Figure Out the Math of Justice.....

Maybe I'm not getting the facts correct, but I've been known to misunderstand things, so this confusion I'm experiencing isn't exactly an anomaly.  Readers will no doubt set me straight, as they often do, even when I have a clear vision of what I'm writing about and the position I've taken on the issue..
.......More >>> 
Pasadena Questionable Peaceful Protest.......  

Pasadena joined the ranks this past Sunday with its own, as it was billed, "peaceful protest."  That's what they called it and by an invitation-only crowd they pridefully maintained the peace.  But how come folks in the local barber and beauty shops were unaware the march, taking place on  a few well-chosen streets in downtown Pasadena, was going to take place?.....More >>>
   shirlee's desk
2015 has been an amazing year.  Thanks to all of you, our many supporters, who truly believe the work we are involved in benefits society. I think we all believe the magic is simply called "good parenting"!
California State Senator Carol Liu has been instrumental in moving our prison program beyond the barbed wire at CIW in Chino where Mothers Behind Bars began 5 years ago.   Brenda Dabney, Esq, Director, Children's Law Center in Sacramento and a former Talk About Parenting Board Member is working with us to create Mothers Behind Bars at the Folsom Women's Prison. We're talking with Darnell Hunt, Ph.D. Chair, UCLA sociology Dept and Director of the Ralph Bunche Center for African American Studies to determine how  to  link with the center's prison project.  Susan Mandel, Ph.D, President, Pacific Clinics, knew our struggles and helped us through a very difficult 2015.
The truth is, we can't make it without all of YOU. Please consider making a year-end tax deductible charitable donation to Talk About Parenting with Shirlee Smith, Inc. a 501 C3 non-profit organization by clicking the RED BUCKET at the top of the page.

Volunteer Spotlight

Eshe Pickett, who joined our Social Media Team, is a Cloud Automation Engineer at Intel Corp., where she was employed since August 2005. She is an active community member who strongly advocates volunteer work. She was a Big Sister with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona. She was an elected Galveston Precinct Committee member in Legislative District 18, where she served as the Recording Secretary. She currently serves as a member of the State Committee for the Arizona Democratic Party. She received her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Northwestern University and her Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Chicago.

Evelyn Gonzales, PhD, MPH, who is a new presenter for our Mothers Behind Bars classes, serves as the Director of Community Education & Outreach at a local non-profit organization in Orange and San Bernardino counties.  Through her work, she aims to reach the unreached and marginalized communities with sexual health education, advocacy rights, community building and mobilization. She works across all levels of the community and society through programs, research, and policy for youth and adults with varying literacy skills. In Community Education, at least 3,000 participants are reached per month with accurate sexual health information and prevention messages in a manner that is culturally respectful and free of judgment. Evelyn has served in the Youth Leadership Advisory Council (2013); Teen Reproductive Health Task Force; the Latino Leadership Council and served as a Healthcare Academy Member in Santa Ana, CA.

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