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Vol 2014-02
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Social Media
The team pulled it together.  The creation of a new website, a YouTube non-profit video channel, and our Mothers Behind Bars Event video being broadcast on Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Pasadena government channels.

Who is this mighty team?  It started with Sahar Andrade, consultant from Pacific Coast Small Business Development Center, lambasting our "old website" and declaring it entirely too busy for the human spirit.

Our volunteer Siew worked with Zachary Perlman of Web Genius to design our new home.

Susan, our fabulous editor, found all the spots where commas and caps needed to be and Brandi learned how to work the web editor and made the corrections.

Brooke Peterson set up the YouTube channel.

Shirlee pitched in, ever so often, but mostly to pester staff at the Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Pasadena stations to get airtime for Mothers Behind Bars - The Parent Puzzle.
Our Team At Work


NAACP Awards Event
Our CEO, Shirlee attended the local NAACP Freedom Fund Luncheon in support of Paul and Juanita DeVaugh (pictured with former California Assemblyman Anthony Portantino) who received the organization's President's Award for Community Service . "Making life better for others" is, and has been, their philosophy for over 60 years!


We are a few weeks late for "Father's Day," but jokes about dads are good year-round.  Dave McNary's Sunday Night Comedy All Star Revue at the Ice House featured dads in honor of the special day. 


"I've been married once, divorced twice. I've got 6 kids, two from each divorce. nobody gives me cards or gifts, so I guess I don't celebrate.  My numbers are wrong?  Things don't add up? Hmm, it's my word that's wrong.  Celebrate?  After all those kids the word is Celibate." ---- Comic's name unknown

             >>>>floorshowing <<<<

Ah, Yesteryear......
There's no longer any point in making  comments on the nonsense of daily occurrences because after so many years of writing, I've said it all.... There's an expression about nothing new under the sun and these words keep circulating through my creative process - and this mantra is holding me back.......More >>> 
Where Have YOU Been?.......  
"Where are you?" I'm continually asked, and then I get a complimentary word or two about people missing the blog. I've answered with a standard response: " I'm getting myself together."  Unfortunately, that  just begs the question as to what that bunch of wording is supposed to mean. True, I've been missing in action. But like my kids always declared.....More >>>



It just happened without a plan.  Well, maybe there was one..... this just plain 'ol emerged because the mothers in our class at the prison were so excited about the idea of reading books to their kids.  Join the club. Clean your kids' bookshelves like Peggy Lewis did.  Adults books are welcome too!   And we were told that the women are eager to get books that are on the best seller list as well!

Contact us, we'll pay the postage and we'll get them into the hands of our former class participants who have been released and we'll give some to the prison library.  As quiet as it's kept, our moms love reading kids' books!

This month, our Prison Library Project books were donated by Lora Illig, Community Outreach Coordinator, NAMI Pomona Valley.  Lora's donation is a follow-up to her presentation on special needs children.
  • It's Nobody's Fault: New Hope and Help for Difficult Children and Their Parents (by Harold Koplewicz M.D.)
  • The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children (by Ross W Greene, Ph.D.)
   shirlee's desk

Dr. Charles Sophy - While he is best known as the "Shrink for the Stars" because he's been the psychiatrist for Paris Hilton and Justin Beaver (to name a few), his work also includes the no-name folks. Dr. Sophy's day job is being the Medical Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.


Dr. Sophy has become a much appreciated source of support for our Women Behind Bars program at the California Institution for Women.





Recruiting new board members!

Retired and want to join a hard working team? Still on the job but have enough time to "give back" to the community? Visit our website and meet our current Board, then think about what skills you have that we are missing!  Talk to us and let's find out how you want to help.  Maybe not the board but joining a committee: Finance, board member recruitment, fund raising, outreach or PR.


Our annual fundraising event has, due to necessity, become bi-annual.  So mark your calendar for October 2015 date to be announced.

We still need funds for operation and programs, so we ask you to keep your generosity as we get ready for our June Fundraising Campaign via Constant Contact.

THANK YOU to all our DONORS for keeping us going!




Volunteer Spotlight

This is Siew's eighth year with our organization as a volunteer. Siew's position as a FVP of Analytics and Reporting was made redundant when Countrywide Financial got into financial hardship. Siew answered to our need for a website content updates position through Volunteer Match. She subsequently completed the Pasadena Community Access Corp training program and was certified to operate Chyron Graphics (CG) and sound systems for our then "Talk About Parenting with Shirlee Smith Live!" shows. She designed and created our inaugural newsletter, which was first created on MSWord.  She then determined and recommended the need for a mass-mailing software, and migrated the newsletter to Constant Contact. She also created various Constant Contact bulk mailers for the weekly TV shows, announcements and other marketing materials. At the same time, Siew enrolled in web design and programming classes and took over the paid website maintenance work on a volunteer basis. Siew has been pivotal in many of our projects through the years, and we truly appreciate her volunteering with us even after  resuming a full time career.


Florence Beller

  • Education Research

  • Susan Grey

  • Content Editor/ Proofreader

  • Linda Lavin

  • Consultant

  • volunteers

    Brandi Armstrong,

    Pamela Davis, Brooke Petersen,

    Andy Takakjian 


  • Social Media Team

  • Siew Tan

  • Website Maintenance
  • Newsletter Design/Editing

  • donorhighlite
    Donor Recognition

    About 5 years ago, Miss Cookie Devine learned about what we do through our Board Member, Pamela Mims. She then set up an automated draw from her bi-monthly paychecks to donate to TAPSS, and her employer, AT&T matches what she donates. We have been most grateful for her generosity.

    YOU can join your employer's charitable matching donation program. Simply ask your Human Resources department, and contact us for our 501(c)(3) information.


    Times are tough and WE know that.  We are grateful for donations, whatever the size.  Donate online through PayPal or send a check to P.O. Box 40547, Pasadena, CA 91114.



    1. To donate through our website: Click here
    2. To donate through Ralph's Community Program: Register your Ralphs or Food4Less Club card using the following steps.  The donation does not come out of YOUR pocket!  It comes from the stores - a percentage of your store purchase!
      • Click on the links below to download the respective scanbar letter:-
      • Bring it to Ralphs or Food4Less when you go shopping
      • Give it to the checkout clerk together with your rewards card or phone number
      • That is all you need to do! 


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