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Steering in the right direction.....  


sbca logo Busy putting our "business" in order under the leadership of consultants from SBCAImmediate task on hand is research, research, research. We're looking to find a new home for "Talk About Parenting LIVE with Shirlee Smith".  We are working to improve our visibility on the web and we're redesigning our website.


Look out 2013 - Here we come! 







Incarcerated Moms had this to say:

"I take these classes because I donʼt want to raise my kids like my parents raised me."

"I want knowledge, knowledge, knowledge."

"At first I thought these classes were just a bunch of stuff and then I started really listening and I kept coming - glad I did. I learned stuff that I never would have thought mattered."

training workshops
California Institute for Women (CIW), Chino, CA - Prison Parent Project 

Tuesdays 6:30pm - 8:00pm.  Repeating 10 week sessions

October 2012 through June 2013 


  • Jaime Brown, Ph.D.
  • Team Supervisor and School-based Service Coordinator - Cognitive Development

  • Greta Pruitt, Ph.D.
  • Retired Educator

  • Mercedes Borrayo, MFT
  • Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Gloria Barrios (AKA Chile)
  • Substance Abuse Counselor/ former CIW inmate

Prison Class Assistant - Nora O. Marin,  former owner and director of Day Care facility in Sacramento, CA.  Currently attending Chaffey College, majoring in Criminal Science.  She is a single parent of two teenagers.
   shirlee's desk

vote What's your focus for the next few weeks?  What's the conversation around your dinner table? Uh, the young people in our households know there's an important event coming up November 6th.  Let's ask our younguns how they'd mark their ballot if they could vote.  Depending on age, they can even make up a ballot.


Kids can accompany us to the polling place. Kids can even stand-by and watch us mark a mail-in ballot. (Read our featured blog "Now that she's 21, will she vote"). 


And those propositions on the California ballot - perfect discussion for the dinner table. 




LA philharmonic We were fortunate to receive tickets to LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl from Sussy Nemer, Deputy, Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.  Our families enjoyed music under the stars.  Thanks to the LA County 5th District Supervisor! 

joycelinVolunteer Spotlight 


Joyce Lin is a student at Cal State Los Angeles, majoring in accounting.  Her family, which includes two sisters and one brother, live in Monterey Park. Joyce likes travel, exploring and loves music, especially singing. She found us on-line at Volunteer Match and volunteers with us because she says, "I loves my parents." 



 Save the Date:kcet local heroes 

October 23rd, 2012

KCET Local Heroes Gala 

at Club Nokia 




In Memory of former Talk About Parenting show guest

Beverlee Bruce, Ph.D. 

Mar 1935 - Sept 2009


She's gone 3 years now, but so unforgettable.....view clip 


Order the full half-hour discussion with $50 donation through paypal by visiting 



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  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletter Design/Editing
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  •              >>>>floorshowing <<<<

    Now That She's 21, Will She Vote?
    .......When we're parents, the responsibility for providing enlightenment for those in our charge tends to lurk in just about every corner of our existence.  Sometime the preaching happens when the kids are young, and we can truly testify...... More >>>

    Neighborly? Maybe Not..... Whatever happened to parent/child communication? Verbal, that is. Well, maybe the now infamous Anthony Sanchez of Imperial Valley, Calif., the step-father who whipped his son in their backyard with a belt when the young boy missed catching a baseball...... More >>>

    Child Predator, Cyber Crime........ Tracy Webb, Director Cyber Crime Division - Los Angeles City Prosecutor's Office.  It may not be the neighbor kid who is on-line playing video games with your son or daughter! It may be a child predator AND you the parent need to know what to do.........  watch the clip >>>

    Healthcare and Benefits Advocate........ Michael Van Essen, healthcare and benefits advocate says he doesn't know it all! Maybe not, but what he doesn't know, he sure knows where to send you to find out.......  watch the clip >>>

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    Gina Perez, PhD 



    Prentice Deadrick 


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