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Theater Anyone

women from the inside
 Joshua Bailey, left, ETM-LA (Education Through Music) volunteer, with Joshua Bell, Grammy-award-winning violinist performing with LA Phil

Thanks to Fifth District County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich for Hollywood Bowl tickets.  We were able to provide one of our recent guest organizations, ETM-LA, with a complimentary outing to the Hollywood Bowl for L.A. Philharmonic.  Some of the students from Castelar Elementary School who attended with their parents sent us letters.


"Watching Joshua Bell play is always inspiring. Whenever I watch him play I can see that he becomes the music and how passionate he is about music. I take any chance I can get to see Joshua Bell. He is inspiring on the stage and off the stage; because of the work he does with Education Through Music-LA. Meeting Joshua Bell was wonderful and I will never forget it."  -- Joshua Bailey

"Thank you so much for the ticket for the Hollywood Bowl.  What I liked best about the concert was Joshua Bell, the violinist people and bass people.  It was my first time to the Hollywood Bowl.  Music inspires me by making me sing."  --- Kelly Zhou


"Thank you so much for the tickets to the Hollywood Bowl.  What I liked best about this concert was Joshua Bell playing his violin.  Music inspires me by making me dance."  -- Rachel Reyes  


We also provided The Smile Lady with tickets for her youth and their families to the L.A. Phil featuring the Children's Choir.




women from the insideThe Incarcerated Moms speak......


"I want to learn to understand my kids by their age and how mothers can be more patient and know their children's needs."


"I signed up for this class to learn age- appropriate communication skills, disciplines, boundaries and how to lead by example."


"The best thing I remember about being a kid was being silly, having an imagination of magic wanting to be things greater than myself."


shirleesmithRecruting board members..... running a non-profit organization is no slam-dunk operation.  We're a small outfit with a big agenda and with a group of dedicated volunteer staff and volunteer overseers - officially designated as board members.


We've revised our by-laws from a eight-member board to 15, because to get to where we're going, we need to expand the number of experts who can take on the task of advising and raising funds.


Hey, we need YOU!  Weʼve been talking with folks who have backgrounds in business, television production, fundraising and managing finances.  Can you or will you answer our call even if you fall into other categories?  We need it all.  Let's talk!  Call us at 626-296-2777.


Big Change - I no longer write a weekly column for the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group.  You can find me instead at the Los Angeles Times' Pasadena Sun. 


training workshops

We concluded our 1st series of Prison Workshops offered to incarcerated mothers at the California Institute for Women (CIW) in Chino, California in July.  The next series begins this month and the new sessions will run through June 2012.  Read the feedback from the mothers in the "Parent Talk" section above.  WCIWe now have partnered with Pacific Clinics, who will provide presenters for the child development classes and develop evaluation tools for the project. 


Interested in supporting our prison project?  Tax deductible contributions can be made online through paypal, or by check made payable to Talk About Parenting and mailed to P.O. Box 40547, Pasadena, CA 91114.  



 Volunteer Spotlight  


Sheryl Owen joined our volunteer team in answer to the call for an Administrative Assistant.  She'll be handling all those contacts we never get around to making, putting our piles into files, and helping to put us in order!  Sheryl will be keeping the organization on track with our workshops , theater events and everything else.  Her email signature is "BUNNIE". 




Upcoming Workshop Presentations:


California Institute for Women, Chino, CA

Topics - Child Development, Role Modeling, Positive Communication, Home Environment  

When - Tuesdays, Oct 2011 through June 2012


Pacific Palisades AARP Chapter

Topic - "Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: A New Day"

When - Wednesday, Nov 9, 2011


Akono-Nan Parent Group, Jackie Robinson Center, Pasadena 

Topic - "Communication - Key to Conflict Resolution"

When - Thursday, Dec 15, 2011  







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    Riding Fast on Red Bull
    ....... The recent arrest of 21-year-old Eric Petrossian in South Pasadena for the theft of Red Bull caused the city's police department to put out a bulletin, hoping to find whether there is a link between this crime and...... More >>>
    Parent Revolution?  Not really..... Parent Revolution claims to call for increasing parental authority over public education. But as a longtime advocate of parents taking active roles in education both at home and at school, I find this organization's message to be a fraudulent promissory note, asking parents to believe that ...... More >>>

    Child Predators-Cyber Crime........ Tracy Webb, Managing Attorney, Cybercrime Prosecution Division: It may not be the neighbor kid who is on-line playing video games with your son or daughter! It may be a child predator AND you the parent need to know what to do........  watch the clip >>>
    Healthcare and Benefits...... guest Michael Van Essen, health care and benefits advocate says he doesn't know it all! Maybe not, but what he doesn't know, he sure knows where to send you to find out....... watch the clip >>>

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