new-years-resolutionsWhen it comes to making Resolutions for 2017, the kids in the
household ought to join in on making it a sustainable family activity.

A joint effort (not talking about “pot”) for New Year’s Resolutions
can bring some real accomplishments with only a small amount of age-
appropriate family planning.

Parents top the list when it comes to developing this road map because
it’s a perfect opportunity to hear from the kids.

I’ve heard the little ones say “Don’t yell at me anymore.”

We’ve heard the teenagers say, “You’re not listening.”

It’s a typical response from a parent to declare, “If you did what I
already told you, I wouldn’t be yelling!”

Let’s be honest. The teenagers are most likely not saying what we
want to hear, so why listen to a mouthful of excuses and nonsense?

And what are the parental gripes? Better said, what are the gripes at
the top of the parent list?

In a recent video-taping for our Talk About Parenting with Shirlee
Smith YouTube channel, mothers of young children told us they wanted
to stop the tantrums. One mother wanted to stop her 4-year-old from
hitting her.

In a recent Talk About Parenting Workshop – Home Environment
(discipline) , several parents were there because they were tired of
teenage kids sitting on the couch all day entertaining friends and
raiding the refrigerator.

“What to do?” they complained.

Only a small amount of thought and structure can put every family on
the path of New Year’s Resolutions that are destined for success.

For the Kids:
I’m going to do what my parents ask me to do (so they won’t have to
repeat and yell).

For the Parent:
I’m going to give instructions slowly, repeat them when I give them,
and get my kid to repeat it back.

For the Teeenagers:
I’m going to stop making excuses, speak the truth, and be more responsible.

For the Parents:
I’m going to listen to the full nonsense and ask that my kid then  make
a few short sentences to tell me exactly what’s going on.
Some Resolutions belong solely with the parents. If your kids are
slopping on the couch all day with friends hanging in the
refrigerator, there’s no plan to work out with the teenagers because they’ve
got the upper hand and see no reason to change anything.

For every parent with a scenario that shows they are not in control,
please recognize children running the household is due to our

A New Year’s Resolution for parents with kids who hit them, have
tantrums and who are lazy should be: “ I resolve to change the tide in
2017 by taking control, being consistent with my demands and setting
values my kids must adhere to no matter what their age. ”

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