My mother always preached “What you put into life is what you’ll get out.” Then she had another one about our bad deeds coming back to haunt us.

Geez, what makes these old-time parents have such an acute sense of life?

Maybe America’s (used-to-be ) favorite Dad, Bill Cosby, didn’t get those lectures.

Or, let me give the comedian half a break; maybe he, like so many of us, thought the old folks were just talking smack.

How many women have now come forward with their accusations from long ago regarding Cosby having taken advantage of them sexually?

The count isn’t what’s so important as the deed itself. Cosby has chosen to remain silent. Kinda shrugging off the matter like he’s Mister Supreme.

Ah, if there was ever an “Ah Ha” moment, this is it for Mr Bill.

How many years since the old guy was in his prime and creating havoc for the accusers ?

Bill Cosby thought he was home free. Mr Powerhouse. Mr “I’m somebody and you women are nobodies so I can have what I want.”

Pardon me. I shouldn’t have used the word body in that previous paragraph.

To be shamed at such an old age – Cosby is now in his seventies.

The man has lost the development deal with the TV Network that would have brought him back into our living rooms so that a new generation could fall in love with America’s Dad.  The re-runs from his old shows have been pulled from television and other deals he had have gone sour.

Oh, well!

If this isn’t a lesson for our  kids, find me one.  If you think my mother didn’t know Bill, think again.

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  1. Walt Haddock

    It’s too bad but bad acts usually do come back to haunt in one way or another. I had high respect for Cosby as an entertainer, and still do as far as that part goes. But being at the top of any profession does not entitle one person to take advantage of another. Whether it’s entertainment or political or economic power. Bad actors in any profession are totally unacceptable and need to be banned for being a significant member of our society.

  2. Laura Monteros

    The greatest loss in all this, I think, is that Bill Cosby was a role model for black and white alike. He transcended racial stereoptypes and boundaries. The advice he gave to kids was right on. I don’t think his comedy routine ever crossed the line into the kind of vulgarity that seems to be necessary to comics today. All that he built has now come crashing down, and he stands with his back to the rubble pile, not willing to see it or admit that he took the hammer to the foundation. It’s a loss to all who loved and admired him.

  3. Robbie

    A scripture from the Bible came to my mind as I read your blog today. It reads, “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction;…” Gal. 6:7-8.

  4. Joyce Kristensson

    I feel sorry for him. . He should keep quiet as no matter what he says, he won’t be believed. The programmers have condemned him already by removing the programs. I saw a recent picture of one of the women and she looks terrible. She wants money as she sure isn’t beautiful. And for someone that is supposedly outspoken then and now. I don’t believe she would have been quiet unless v she was being paid. If so, shame on her.

  5. Jean Troy

    First Bill Cosby is a man there is only one perfect man that I know of. I
    I’m highly suspicious of these women who are now coming out pointing the finger.
    Is He guilty ?
    I don’t know, but I want to see the evidence to his guilt. We have tried and persecuted the man with out due process. We need facts, also what were the mores in 1965 as opposed today? I remember comments back then that we shrugged off when to day they would be considered sexual harrassment. I know women who threw theselves at celebrities and would invite themselves to their rooms and were willing to do what ever just to say they had slept with the person. No one is questioning the women know one is getting the facts,, knowbody is investagating anything.

    At this point anything he would say or do makes him more suspect. It does remind me of Micheal Jackson we ruined the mans life with out any real evidence to his wrong doing.

  6. Bill Allen, Jr.

    Dear Shirlee,

    As usual, you are quite topical and current. This news event about Bill Cosby is quite tragically painful, regardless of what angle it is looked upon. First of all, a profoundly influential man of the Arts, Education, Sociology, Media and Cultural Diaspora—-has had his reputation (which is ALL THAT ANY OF US REALLY HAVE; BASED UPON OUR LIFE ACTIONS AND BEHAVIOR) tarnished/destroyed in a horrible fashion.
    “We are known by the side of our nature, most often seen.”
    —-by Ruth Sergent
    But the problem is…what about our sides THAT ARE NOT SEEN.
    “A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as…one deed”
    —-by Henrick Ibsen (the father of modern drama)

    We do not know if Bill Cosby is guilty or innocent (“proven ‘facts'” have yet to be presented). And unfortunately, in THIS society you are now “Guilty” until proven Innocent…and not the OTHER WAY AROUND, WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE BASIS OF OUR “HONORABLE” LEGAL SYSTEM. And of course, social media and “newspapers” have fanned the flames of this tragic incident, with gleeful and child-like tabloid sensationalism!
    “Why are we so preoccupied with (people’s) destruction?”
    —-by Eugenia Collier

    We have ALWAYS had a society in which MEN (regardless of White, Black, green or purple) have felt that they were SUPERIOR over all others. It has taken “laws to be enforced” to make men treat all people with respect and dignity. And Lord knows that we haven’t reached that yet! Therein lies one of ONE of our problems. Certain People seemingly feel that they have a sense of “entitlement” to “do whatever they want to others,” based upon their status of power, money, social stratum, beauty, sex appeal or positions that they may hold in life. Society has attributed to this atrocity—-by NOT putting these actions “in check.”
    I can only hope that Bill Cosby did not feel “entitled” to do actions that were morally reprehensible and obviously disrespectful to women. In my heart, I truly hope that he is innocent of these charges.

    Regarding the women whom have come forth with the incendiary accusations; we must look at THEIR CHARACTER TOO. I am not familiar with the background of these women; except for the noxious Janice Dickerson. I am a person of the arts, so I’m somewhat familiar with her “reputation.” She is not considered to be a person of “principles.” She is known for being an “artist” / “‘super model'” who has proclivities of “doing whatever it takes” to “get ‘ahead’.” Why would Janice agree to be “alone in a suite” with Bill Cosby, especially since it has been common knowledge the BILL HAS BEEN FOREVER MARRIED TO CAMILLE COSBY? Again, we see another unfortunate (although “unspoken”) societal “value” taught to women…and now men too…to use “carnal attributes” for “business negotiations.” No muss and no fuss; until things get “messy” or go awry. Were not these “other women” not aware of Bill Cosby’s Marital Status as well?

    However, regardless of what was or what was not “known,” we have to refer to an old adage—-“one cannot be just a ‘little pregnant’.” Unfortunately, regardless of how ones looks at it—-RAPE IS RAPE; IF this is what occurred. And legal punishment should be adhered to, regardless of whom is involved.

    Bill Cosby once said, “Decide that you want it, more than you are afraid of it.” Let us hope and pray that Bill Cosby did not feel that he should not have to be afraid of ANYTHING that he wanted. Even if it means hurting other people (his wife included); breaking the law; or having a callous disregard of what our actions are going to do to…ANOTHER HUMAN BEING.

    I am so damn tired of this society not training and socializing it parents, its children and adults in general about—-the true values of being a decent and honorable human being. I did NOT say “perfect” (because none of us are); but I DID SAY DECENT. How Blessed that many of us had WONDERFUL PARENTS WHO TAUGHT US—-PRACTICALITY, INTEGRITY, HONESTY, HUMILITY, SPIRITUALITY AND HUMANITY IN DECENCY! Our family just lost our mother. Shirlee, you gave YOUR LOVING SUPPORT to ATTEND our mother’s Going Home Services. Our mother, like you Shirlee Smith and like YOUR mother—-taught us these TIME HONORED VALUES. I have a feeling that Bill Cosby’s mother & grandmother taught him the same values. I hope that he did not forget them; unfortunately like much of our present day society. This particular Blog/topic is why it is SO IMPORTANT THAT TALK ABOUT PARENTING WITH SHIRLEE SMITH IS OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE TO OUR LIVES…OUR COMMUNITY…AND TO OUR WORLD. I hope society …and Bill Cosby are reading.

    “I cannot undo what I have failed to do or revisit the things that I could have done better.”
    —-by Louis Farrakhan
    Society, you CAN do better…much, much better.

    I so enjoyed the insightful and interesting comments that have been posted.

  7. Clay

    It’s arduous to find knowledgeable individuals on this topic, but you sound like you understand what you’re speaking about! Thanks

  8. -Nate

    ‘ The Cos ‘ was always an important example as I was growing up .

    Now things appear different .

    If he’s guilty (IF) , he needs to Man Up and accept the responsibility .


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