screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-10-39-44-amSmart-mouth kids aren’t really popular at any time of the year but
something about the Christmas Season tends to bolster their ability to
be obnoxious.

Do their parents think they’re cute? Must be or they would snatch ‘em
back to “staying in their place.”

And, yes, I think children have a “place” as do all the rest of us.
No matter how distasteful the boss may be, the employee, if they wanna
keep their job, knows how to behave, that is to say, stay in their

The creepy kid who darted in front of my car in the Whole Foods
parking lot and then quickly halted giving me the look of “hey I own
this asphalt, the aisles in the store and why in the hell is your car
driving in the parking lot, anyway.”

Upon looking up from her “dumb-phone”, the mom screeched a stupid
command that Ms Kid ignored.

Once inside the store the same family ( mom still on the phone, the
darting kid, and two younger ones) gave signals as to who they really

The darting kid was pretending, I guess, to be a traffic guard with
arms outstretched blocking whatever aisle she was traveling on.

With back-up accompaniment provided by the younger members of the
clan, Ms Darter demanded all matter of items to be placed in the
grocery cart.

Maybe, I thought to myself, this is just seasonal behavior due to the
privilege of many people asking each of these unpleasant children what
they wanted for Christmas.

Maybe, I wondered, did what I was witnessing play to the tune of kids
having a Christmas Wish List.

As fortune, or better called mis-fortune, would have it, the gruesome
bunch was behind me in the check-out line.

I heard mom tell the youngest of the clan, who had wandered off
somewhere in the store but was now linking back up with the clan in the check-out line,
“Santa doesn’t like that – he wouldn’t know where to find you to
deliver your presents.”

“YES he can,” Smart-mouth shouted back in a rude and demanding tone
and then went on to add that Santa found the house last year.

Now, maybe I’m just hard on parents who wanna make Santa responsible
for doing the job they ought to do.

Would Santa be blamed, if because mom wasn’t holding her kids hand in
the parking lot, the kid was hit by a car?

Little ones wandering throughout any store, unaccompanied by the
adult who brought them there is what I would call a level of child

Neither Christmas wishes or Santa’s ho, ho, ho, can explain away this
kind of parental neglect.

Smart-mouth kids are a direct result of derelict parenting no matter
the season.

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  1. Jean C. Troy

    Wow, I couldn’t agree more. As adults we seem to be loosing our “Place” in thus world. How do we help our children grow and find their place when we don’t know our own place. those kids should have known that Mom was in charge and the behavior they were showing was not acceptable. So sad I wonder what they will be like in 20years if this behavior keeps up.

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