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California State Department of Education

Disney College Program – Magic.Experience.Paid Internship.

Homework Resources

Kids and Money

Learning Differences and Disabilities

Music and Arts Opportunities

My First Garden

National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) helps young people from low-income communities build skills and unlock their entrepreneurial creativity through entrepreneurship education

Health and Safety

How long will your favorite food or beverage stay safe and tasty? And how best to store it? Not sure when to keep or when to toss? Get your answers at

Recalls – Get details from U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission at

Safe toys and recalls information

Water or Coke?

Money Saving Tips

Ants Control, without pesticides

Disposables items – throwing money away?  A family of 4 can save $3,163 a year by cutting back or eliminating certain use of disposable items. 

Government Assisted Wireless Service – No money upfront activation, free phone and a fixed amount of free minutes.

Money Facts for New Graduates – Learn about how to handle finances as you transition from college to real life. 
post-grad money tips

Restaurant Coupons – Eat more for less

Salt – How many ways can you use salt? 
46 smart uses for salt

Savings on Textbooks
– For older edition of textbooks:
– For rental textbooks:
– For used books:
– For better deals than campus bookstores: and

The Golden Rules of Saving on Everything
Golden Rules

Weed Removal – A simple, inexpensive, and organic way of controlling weeds

Parenting Guides

California Megan Law Sex Offender Locator

Kids and the Law an A-Z guide for parents provided by California Bar Foundation