Priscilla Covington 65 year old grandmother of Brittany Covington, (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

Granma Covington, according to the Chicago newspaper, said this about her two grandkids, 24-year-old Tanishia and 18-year-old Brittany who kidnapped and brutalized a disabled teenager: “I’m so upset, my head is about to bust open.”

The elder Covington went on to exclaim, “I don’t know if someone influenced her. . . She had her ups and downs. (She) was a good person. I’m so confused.”

Granma was in the courtroom last week for the arraignment of her two disgusting granddaughters and their wretched partners 18-year-old Jordan Hill and 18-year-old Tesfaye Cooper.

The judge denied bail for the group of menancing young blacks who, according to news reports, lured a disabled student who was a friend of one of the vigilante group, to meet at a McDonald’s and to then spend the night at one of the evil wrong-doer’s house who was thought to be a friend.

The victim, a white young man diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and Schizophrenia, was taken from McDonald’s by the bunch, in a stolen van, to an apartment where he was brutalized.

Granma Covington is upset and confused? I suggest she should have, over the years, known who her kids were. Where are the mama and the papa of these Covington girls?

Where are the delinquent parents of the other members of the bunch? Maybe they’re making themselves scarce since that’s been the acceptable model of parenting they’ve practiced throughout the years.

This bunch of evil wrong-doers didn’t hatch overnight. Simply put, there’s been nobody watching the barnyard during the years that led up to this inhumane hate crime.

Jordan Hill, news reports say, attempted to extract $300 from the victim’s mother with the promise of returning her son who had been missing since she dropped him at the McDonald’s for the overnight stay.

I suggest this wasn’t the first time Hill had tried such a manuever. When watching the barnyard, every parent needs to be aware of what money their kid has, where they got it and when they got it.

No floating cash in the house. It’s all to be accounted for when you’re the overseer of teenagers and in charge of the barnyard.

The younger Covington is said to be a college student. Well, is that supposed to present her as a thinking and caring individual?

The older Covington has two children who she’s now lost custody of. And with the criminal charges she’s facing and will be convicted of since the bunch livestreamed their evil deed on Facebook, she won’t see her kids or the light of day until she’s a granma herself.

Young people are stupid – we know this. So, one of the important things we parents, grandparents and everyone else who is willing to lend a helping hand must do is to provide our youth a value system that includes an emphasis on respect and compassion for others.

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  1. Jean C. Troy

    I’m wondering if drugs were a factor in this mess, I don’t see how someone could do this sober. I wonder who will get custody of the minor children this is one time I hope it won’t be the family. Lets face it if they the culprits had gotten attention and training when they were young this would not have happened. If the family knew they were Ill what mental health care did they seek? Saying you didn’t know these people would do this crime means know one knew them. Or cared about them

  2. Bill

    Dear Shirlee,

    When I initially heard about this insidious, debased and utterly inhumane crime—–I was horrified and upset beyond words. Then for these “dregs” of society to be…Black…just added “salt to the wound of emotional pain.” Ah, further “food for fodder” for the conservative bigots, who already “see” “all Black people as ‘animals’ anyway.” The torture that this young man had to endure is gut wrenching. But, I digress. You are absolutely correct—–these “heathens” had NOT BE WATCHED, DISCIPLINED, MADE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS, OR MADE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR BEHAVIORS…FOR A LONG, LONG TIME. Yes, the “Disengaged Parents” or “Absentee Parents” are definitely culpable.

    I initially felt sorry for Grandma Covington. She probably “did her best” in “parenting”…but she was not “smart enough” or have parenting skills enough—–to assess the kids whereabouts/behavior/their possessions/money; and ultimately, to see that the kids were “street savvy” personas. Another reflection upon how our society truly does not see—–JUST HOW IMPORTANT GOOD PARENTING SKILLS REALLY ARE! Among the things that parents must be aware of are the “signs” of personalities that their kids covertly or overtly convey. Also, children must have an inherent sense of the “strength” of their parents/guardians/grandparents; and knowing that they will use “discipline” when need be. Children must be told verbally, what values and standards that their parents will / or will NOT accept. With this unfortunate and tragic criminal situation, we see that, obviously, much was NOT in place in “rearing” these young people. This is tragic…on so many levels. And the most integral level of focus / or lack thereof…deals with PARENTING.

    One OTHER POINT that needs to be addressed is that—–out of the HUNDREDS of people whom had WATCHED THIS HEINOUS CRIME VIA FACEBOOK…a reporter on t.v. news said, that NOT A SINGLE PERSON REPORTED ANY OF THIS TO THE POLICE; AFTER HAVING WATCHED THESE ATROCIOUS AND INHUMANE ACTS! Was this perceived as just “Another ‘Reality Show'” to our insipidly insane society? Ah, another demerit to our “civilized society.”
    —–Bill Allen, Jr.

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