imagesThere is much to be said regarding the shooting death of Michael Brown at

the hands of a “peace” officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

The news coverage in Ferguson – the minute by minute repeat reporting -has made a circus of the tragedy. The unrest and the militarization of the small city leaves us to ponder the reality of American life in the 21st Century.

Only when I got the following email from my friend Carmen was I able to think maybe something is happening here.  And after reading it twice, I was then able to  stop and ponder what might be going on, here.

The email:

Carmen Morgan, Project Director – Leadership Development Interethnic Relations at Asian American Advancing Justice Los Angeles


I’ve just come back from Ferguson with a heart full of hope. I am inspired by the wonderful people (especially the youth) of Ferguson.

What the youth have undertaken in Ferguson (and make no mistake, this is a youth-led movement) is no small feat. Many of them are organizing and protesting and are not even sure where they will sleep at night. I asked Jeff, one of the local youth organizers, when he thought the protests might end. He looked at me un-haltingly and said, “Not till we have justice.”

Many of the young men express that they are fighting for their lives and are humbled, even brought to tears, when they are told of the national/international support for their effort. This will be a long haul for them. They will need ongoing resources.

In addition to solidarity and support through our own local protests, I would encourage those of us who can, to donate directly to efforts on the ground in Ferguson.

I’ve seen first hand the incredible work of the Organization for Black Struggle (OBS) based in Ferguson. They are ground zero for the organizing efforts. They are a collaborative multiracial effort and provide organizing and outreach training for all the non-local protesters.

They coordinate housing, provide medical supplies, coordinate legal services for those arrested – and more. So donate to them online if you can at:

From my perspective, I am not pitching for donations. It is up to readers to follow their own hearts. What I am doing is providing a glimpse of promise and hope from Carmen whom I respect.

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  1. Larry Diaz

    I can only begin to describe how eerie it was to visit your website today; “The Buffalo Springfield” playing “For What It’s Worth,” in the background. Indeed, this scribe saw “The Buffalo Springfield” in 1965 at the Hollywood Bowl; they were the warm up act for Mick Jagger and the “Rolling Stones.” Those lyrics resonate as true as they did in 1965; actually even more so today. WE have a ‘militarized’ police force. WE are being manipulated by a media that everything to gain by disseminating fear and hate. Truly, ‘what is old; is forever new!’

  2. Jean Troy

    I too noticed that the young people in Ferguson were standing up. they were well spoken , understanding and dared to question the powers that be. It reminded me of the 60’s when we also questioned our American values. I agree that the news media has been playing up the hatred, the violence, and the misunderstandings going on in the community. But if we look at whats going on in the natonal news and how Senators are saying the President is not being decisieve and is being thoughtful, I’m sure he is thinking about our sons and daughters going off to war again, and if we bomb a country how many innocents well we kill? The need for quick solutions wether it is shooting our own people in Ferguson or bombing others the philosophy is do it quickly and thoughtlessly. How sad we are becoming as a country when we no longer value life. thank God our President does.

  3. -Nate

    As a Child of the 1960’s I am so very pleased to see the young folks in ferguson not only standing up for what’s right but also not being sucked into the negative reactions the police there so desperately want and the media tires to incite .

    KUDOS you our Young Men ! .

    On a related note :

    Pretty much a documentary view .


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