Here’s something to read,” I said while handing my twenty-something daughter the Business Section of Sunday’s Los Angeles Times.

What a chance I was taking. But I had technology on my side, as the article I was promoting and this opportunity to read the old-time newspaper was about “Mind Craft,” a video game I knew she loved.

“Here, read this,” I said again and then chanced to ask, “Do you ever just read something, anymore?”

“Yes. Yes, Yes, I do but I don’t really need to because I always go on Facebook,” was her twenty-something answer.

We’d gone to Urgent Care at Kaiser where she packed up a laptop, a tablet, a Nintendo DS and a cellphone for the long wait.

I took my Sunday Times.

But there at the pharmacy, waiting for her prescription to be filled, I grabbed the opportunity. I went for it.

Yup, that’s her in the photo with an actual newspaper in hand – the Business Section – but with the laptop close by.

My daughter, Brandi, read the article but was annoyed because she said, “The writer just spends too much of my time getting to the point.”

She explained a few things to me about Mind Craft. I listened intently as there’s a lot to learn from this tech generation.

What did she learn?

There’s a new story mode for the game, but the article, she said, failed to describe the plot.

Anyway, I played hi-tech, got out my cellphone and knew how to snap a picture of this historical occasion.

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  1. Bill Allen, Jr.

    Dear Shirlee,

    Again, such important points you have raised. While there are certainly advances in conducting business with technology, we have to ponder…just how MUCH have we GAINED and how MUCH have we LOST (in terms of “old school” reading of newspapers / communicating with other people voice to voice; face to face). We also must consider our Lack of Patience that now permeates all that we do, in terms of wanting EVERYTHING BEING DONE IN “LESS THAN A MINUTE.”
    We now have people endangering themselves by walking in crosswalks while staring at their cell phones; risking getting hit by cars (and unfortunately, some drivers hit people and continue on their way). We have cyber bullying, cyber “sexting for revenge,” and chat room that “lure” our children sometimes into dangerous-life-threatening situations (or even into the abominable situation of human-trafficking). Yes, I use
    technology because it is “the law of the land;” but I’m not a “tekkie.” Otis Redding once sang “Try A Little Tenderness.” However, in our day-to-day technological endeavors/experiences, I think that we should still try to “find a little HUMANNESS…And tenderness too.

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