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The red-cheecked creature, The Elf on the Shelf,  costing about thirty bucks in most toy sections of stores, is said to have become a Christmas Tradition. Like Bing Crosby crooning “White Christmas”?

Just how long does it take for something to become a tradition?

This piece of  spying plastic  has only been on the market a few years. Whatever the time frame, it doesn’t seem the gaudy creature being brought into homes monitoring/ watching/recording the kids’ behavior during holiday season has been around long enough to qualify as a tradition  EVEN if every dumb parent has one.

If you’re counted amongst my older blog readers, you may be just as astonished as I am  about this  “Elf On The Shelf”

With the little spy-thing coming in a variety of ethnic looks and both male and female gender, there’s one to fit every household and give parents the heads-up on which kid is being naughty or nice because  “elf on the shelf” sees all.

Crazy! Just another escape  gadget helping  parents avoid the  responsibility formerly known as  being watchful.

Every parent ought to be the elf on the shelf and not just at holiday time but throughout the year – every year.

As an Old School mother,  my kids knew I had eyes in the back and on the side of my head. I saw. I watched. It was my job to know and I wasn’t gonna rely on a snooping gadget.

Well, truth be told, nothing like Mr/Ms Elf was around in my day of raising kids. But I stand by the concept of parents being responsible enough to be the monitor of their kid’s behavior and of their kid’s adherence to the family’s values – which should not include gadget-snooping.

If there be a snoop in the home, and there ought to be one, the parent ought to  hold that title.

If you’ve got an Elf on the Shelf in your home, please share why you thought to buy it.

In my home this season Brandi sketched her version of the gadget. But hers (pictured below)  lacks the ability to know whether the kids are naughty or nice.

elf on shelfIf you’re a grandparent, as I am, are you wondering what the hell this blog is actually about?


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  1. Jean Troy

    I am a grandparent and you are right I don’t kow what it is about. I agree with you that parents need to be in charge, they need to be the disiplenarian and the children need to look to the parents regarding their behavior. What is so difficult about that? Iloved my children and grandchildren to let them know when they were following the family guidelines and when they had gone off the trail. You didn’t have to be mean just observant and caring.

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