While there are many techniques parents employ in hopes of ensuring
their children grow into adulthood as productive and socially accepted
citizens, President Donald Trump’s “calling out Nordstroms” on behalf
of his 35-year-old daughter, Ivanka, is an
example, I suppose, only the rich and powerful might consider employing.

Fashion designer Ivanka’s line of merchandise has been dropped by
upscale Nordstrom’s, according to their spokesperson, due to lagging

Trump charges in a tweet that it is a political move in response to
his recent Executive Order on Immigration and the
#grabyourwalletcampaign and it is, he says,  “not fair.” as Ivanka is
a great person and “always pushes me to do the right thing.”

Unfortunately, far too many parents look to those in power, whether it
be entertainment, sports or politics, for clues on raising successful

It is the gullible folks amongst us who will see Trump with absolute
rights to protect his daughter from those who would do her wrong.

Ah, the rich and the powerful with an arsenal of tools at their disposal.

The inmate in one of my Mothers Behind Bars the Parenting Puzzle class
thought she had some power when she punched out her daughter’s
elementary school teacher.

This Mom didn’t send out tweets. But the school principal did send
out a report that banned Ms Mom from being within a certain distance
from the school.  This meant she couldn’t drop the daughter off, pick
her up or visit the school.

Ah, the poor and the powerless who operate without restraint or a clue
as to the repercussions attached to their actions.

But Trump’s tweet, bringing a drop in Nordstrom’s stock,  brings us to
recognize the path to success that is paved for children who belong to
rich, famous and powerful parents.

Teenager Ethan Couch, from a wealthy family, after killing four
people in a drunken car crash, received no incarceration and instead
got probation based on what became known as the affluenza defense.

Esteban Nunez, the son of politically-connected father, Fabian Nunez,
was accused of murder, accepted a plea bargain of manslaughter and was
sentenced to only 16 years which was later reduced to 7 years and then
pardoned by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The governor was a friend of Esteban’s father, who said, “I used my relationship with the
governor to help my own son. I’d do it again.” There it is.  “I would
do it again.”

Let’s not be fooled.  What’s good for the goose does not work for the
gander.  One style of parenting most certainly does not fit all.

For those without pull, they will have a restraining order and not be
allowed to return to campus to punch out the elementary school

For those of us without “juice” our drunk-driving kid will not get
probation with a poverty and depravation defense.

For those of us without “swag” the Governor will not commute our son’s
manslaughter conviction.

Even if we’ve got the power of Twitter, our bad-mouthing the local
ordinance restricting our daughters from selling their handmade
crafts on the front lawn in the ‘hood, the tweet won’t make changes in
the stock market or a change anywhere else.

Listen up, parents. If you ain’t part of the 1%, your parenting style better conform to the unconnected life you live.

The Donald?  He’s just doing what he’s always done – paving a
hand-molded path for successful children based on his juice, swag,
power and his position in life.

Our nation appears to be on the opposite end of what we pledge allegence to. instead, we seem to have a nation that is divisible and without liberty and justice for all.

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  1. Jean C. Troy

    I so agree with you. If you don’t know the right people you must take the consequences of your actions.

    My Grandson who is just emerging into adult hood with His grown up job is finding this out. “The Man Don’t Play” was his last communication to me.He got a ticket and was trying to get out of paying it. But we don’t have the Name ,the Fame, or the money that Donald has, so the ticket must be paid in full by the due date.

  2. Bill

    Dear Shirlee,
    This blog was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! What is that old quote from ages ago? Oh yes, “The rich are so much different than you and me.” Well, we certainly do “see” just how the “differences” play out in our society. The examples that you cited (the “Affluenza Defense” of Ethan Couch;and the Fabian/Esteban Nunez – Schwazenegger “legal justice resolution”…is still upsetting to me, even to this day.

    Gee, I wonder if parents will take a “cue” from the Donald and “twitter” in “defense of their own children” when something goes awry? We all know that “life is not fair” in this society. But, to think that “parenting skills and influences of the rich and famous,” will yield the same (beneficial) outcomes for the “everyday families / children—-would be a grave error.

    I found it hilarious that Ivanka stated in a past interview that her clothing line would be for “the ‘REGULAR’ people.” How “generous” of Ivanka to think about the rest of us “minions” in the world. Well, the “regular people” did not seem to want what Ivanka had to offer. And of course Daddy Donald thought that this was “unfair” to his daughter. But what is really “unfair” is that society makes it difficult for ALL “REGULAR” PARENTS to be afforded opportunities to raise their children with—- a valuable education, a decent/good living/and safe environment, and a sense of being valued with respect and dignity. Good parenting must always be a priority.
    —–Bill Allen, Jr.
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