happy easterwhat?

What to do for  Easter preparations?

   Chocolate candy shaped like a bunny rabbit doesn’t have to be in the Easter basket.

   Those brightly colored jelly beans could also be left on the supermarket shelf.

When there’s a buck to be made and they’re bucks to be spent, who’s gonna protest?


Well, how many of the dyed and decorated spectacular wonders do the kids actually eat?

Why didn’t the sugar-filled baskets with the shredded fake green grass become obsolete years ago?

Oh, the Easter Parade?

Outfits. Hairstyles. Hats. Shoes. Credit cards maxed out just to be crowned the brightest and best-dressed in both the traditional and non-traditional parade.

Ah Tradition!

A honey-baked ham with pineapple and cherries adorning the smoked body of some swine that was fed gruble filled with chemicals. This, mixed with jelly beans, chocolate candy and eggs from chickens who found their food digging it out of an earth treated with Monsanto chemicals isn’t really good for the body or the soul.

                                   Easter Sunday?

Did someone say it isn’t about clothes, baskets and food?

I know I’m a bit out of focus but I wanted to throw out a few revolutionary thoughts that just might suggest to even one person that somethings kinda strange about all of this.

OMG!  I forgot the egg hunt.

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  1. Jean C. Troy

    You are correct it isn’t about any of the things mentioned. It is a family day, a day to remember that even though He was dying Jesus reached out to His Mother and ST John to care for each other. The Food the eggs, the pretty dresses are just to brighten the day, to make everything special . But I’ve celebrated Easter with Hot dogs and potato chips and had just as much fun. Its being together to celebrate Spring the Christian traditions and one another in the family

  2. -Nate

    Truth .

    Sadly I never got much of the candy bit when I was a Child and would have loved it .

    I wasn’t even aware of ‘ Easter Parades ‘ , sounds like crass commercialism to me .

    If you’re not overly religious , take Easter time to teach your Children that love , acceptance and forgiveness are very beautiful things and healthy for your heart and soul too .

    I cannot imagine not eating a perfectly good hard boiled egg .

    Waste is bad in any form .


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