• August 2, 2013
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I think the old expression is “Gone but not forgotten.” I’d like to think it; however, I’m sensing that not only have I been gone, but, sad to say, it seems I’ve been pretty much forgotten.

That’ll get some kind of response. Maybe.

According to my incoming email there’s been no query as to where’s de blog. Based on words from you, my public, it’s kinda the story of, “Oh, yeah, now that you mention it!”

But, I’ve decided, after a full month of not being in touch, not to let silence be my measure for relevancy.

One person I was talking with hadn’t even missed the Pasadena Sun newspaper supplement in their Sunday Los Angeles Times.

That reader argued with me that she had just read my column the day before our conversation.

Uh, no, the Sun stopped publication at the end of June. “Hmm, let me check,” she said and then recovered quickly by say, “But I guess you should know since you write for the paper.”

Past tense; wrote for the Pasadena Sun.

So, henceforth, that tag line will not be at the end of the blog, as the blog will not appear first in the newspaper.

I’m on my own and will soon be searching for a new print publication to call home. The commonsense (title for the column that appeared in the L A Times Pasadena Sun) blog will be delivered to your email in-box on a weekly basis.

Our Sunday delivery date is back on schedule. It’s been nice not having a deadline and it has been nicer not having to be intelligent. It’s been even nicer not having to say something.

Recently, I entered an oratorical contest and placed third and won a great book,  the New York Times Best Seller, “Quiet.”

The pages brought forth, for me, an emphasis on the need to listen which can best happen when one’s own mouth and thought processes take a rest.

Maybe that’s what readers have been rejoicing in – a little bit of quiet. No more “What did she write about this week?”  No more, for those who regularly posted comments, “What shall I say back?”

No blog on the Zimmerman Verdict. No blog on the public reaction . No blog on the idiots that ran wild using the verdict as an excuse.

However, when asked by a close associate to bring a small group of people together for a “talk” about the verdict, I did just that.

You were probably on the invite list, but if you weren’t one of the first nine to respond, unfortunately, we had to hold the gathering without you.

Next time?

We listened to each other. Everyone’s viewpoint was relevant. I would like to say I was my new quiet – and maybe I was.

Okay, I’m never going to be quiet.

I’m back with noise and without the Sun.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t get nary an email saying “Where are you?” But I did see people (5) who asked “What’s going on?”

Is this to say my reading public is fickle? No .Instead  I’m simply thinking my reading public is busy- maybe..