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Raising kids is a tough job. There’s no other way to put it ‘cause it’s a career that’s so much more in-depth than the job description outlined.

Who ever let it be known to us that it is a 24/7 piece of work?
Who ever knew what we  were actually getting into?

Erma Bombeck, the humorist, said it and everyone laughed with her phrase, “Wait ‘til you have children of your own.”

We didn’t fully appreciate our parents because we had very little knowledge of what they were faced with in their pursuit of raising responsible and successful children

What to do. How to do it. When to do it. Some of us bite the bullet, recognize we’ve entered into a life of sometime overwhelming challenges and, unfortunately, some of us don’t ever realize the multitude of energy-zapping responsibilities we are faced with.

And so, one type of parent creates a system of outsourcing. And in actuality, the others, quite often, partake of the carefree life in a somewhat lesser fashion. But, in the same manner, they too play the game of “handing off the kids”

It may well be that most parents fit somewhere on the Outsourcing Chart?

totally dependent upon what the school provides
no interest in meeting teachers, principals or counselors
not with what the school does or does not provide.
tech gadgets prevail
even toddler has a gadget
limited family conversations/communication
parents of children’s friends are expected to provide activities for your child
no guidelines, rules or expectations to determine acceptable buddies
the internet is the essential ingredient for interaction
rely on their system of raising kids without determining if it fits for raising your kid
expect them (grandparents especially) to be the major force in providing care
utilize the enrichment activities but do not participate as a parent
do not scrutinize what the activity is and whether it fits your child’s needs.

Maybe it’s hard to determine what helps children understand where they belong and exactly to whom they belong, when we allow our responsibility as their parents to be usurped by outside entities that we don’t monitor and, all too often nowadays, simply outsource.

Used to be when the pre-teen asked us a question we came up with an answer and engaged in conversation.

This kind of communication has sadly given way to reminding the kid “google” is the source they should pursue as we’re busy texting an important message to who?

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  1. Jean C. Troy

    I’m like you my only resource was Me, my Mom or My Mother-in Law. Interacting with your children in the 60’s was the only way. sometimes I’m glad I didn’t have to compete with all the electronic devices. I’m glad we only had books, libraries and parks to help our children grow along with museums church and neighbors who also played a part in my children’s development.

  2. Ms. Florence

    Great post! It sure explains how this country can be taken over by egomaniacs and evangelicals. Why the rich get richer with total permission (really omission since everyone is distracted) of the 99%. The kids go with whomever* is most popular and the parents with whomever* offers to “take care of things so they don’t have to.”
    Scary, Scary, Scary!

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