d2What a difference an innauguration makes!

A friend asked me, back when she just knew Hillary was going to be elected
the first woman president of the good ol’ USA, if I were going to DC for
the historical occasion.

In 2009, I was there for the historical ceremony swearing in Barack Obama
as the first (and more than likely only) African American elected to the
most powerful position in the world.

It was an exciting and colorful adventure.

But what a difference!

My youngest daughter, who went with me to Washington DC, made sure to have chips, dips and other snack food ready for the televised “Trump Show” – not
thought of by her as a real innauguration according to her view of the man
she says is not her President.

Ironic, to say the least. “I’m not voting” she’s been known to announce
when elections roll around. “My vote doesn’t even count” her pouting lips
have been know to part, in utterance, many a time since she made the magic
age of eighteen.

But the choice wasn’t left to her unpatriotic whim. She had to vote!

What a turnaround she’s made.

Trump, she declared to be stupid and a moron throughout the entire
presidential campaign.

From time to time I would say, as any responsible parent should do when
someone is being put down, “Maybe he’s not so stupid. Maybe he’s tapping
into the thinking of people who will vote for what he says.”

“But, he’s a liar. He just talks, “ was her constant comeback.

Frankly, I was pleased to watch her follow the debates, voice her opinion
and as I later learned, admonish friends of her’s who had either not
registerd to vote or who were registered but didn’t bother to mark a ballot.

Chips, dips and other junk food along with an amazing display of Obama
memorabilia she had purchased back in 2009 didn’t quite help her
through The Donald’s speech or the parade she called boring even when
I tried a positive spin by continaully
complimenting the blue outfit the new First Lady was sporting.

But my kid spotted the empty seats at the parade and made mention of the
sparse crowd at the innuaguration when the cameras pulled back.

And I thought, amiss the crunching of chips, she was actually searching for
pokeman as her thumbs worked quickly on her electronic gadget. But she was
taking it all in.

Multi-tasking – Trump vs Pokeman?

When the “show” was over and while the news commentators were still
annoying the two of us with their continuous chatter, daughter folded up
her Obama sovenier blanket she’d pulled from her bedreoom drawer and
mumbled under her breath that we should have made plans to be part of the
women’s next day demonstration at the Capitol.

It’s gonna be difficult to find a silver lining to the cloud called President Trump, but if nothing else, every household can use him as an opportunity to develop an understanding of the need for them to participate in every aspect of the process because all of us are going to be needed to shape our future.

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  1. Greta Pruitt

    Shirlee, l loved your last sentence. All of us are going to be needed. Being too old to walk the entire distance of the parade yesterday, instead I have committed to making Pussy Hats for friends and for becoming an active participant in conversation groups – that cause us to listen to one another. We in the Democratic Party failed to listen to our base. We have serious work ahead of us.

  2. Bill

    Right On Shirlee, for your outstanding points. It is important for EVERYBODY whom has a —-
    Body, Mouth, Hands, Feet and a Mind…MUST BECOME INVOLVED to bring True Democracy and Justice BACK TO THE PEOPLE. Pretending that an Oligarchy is a Democracy, just ain’t gonna cut it! I am so proud that young people want to be involved in the political process; that the Women’s March was so extremely successful…in every city (and in Europe); and that Democrats realize that they’d better listen to THEIR BASE (or we’ll send them packin’); and that “Rethuglicans” realize that we will NOT be taking their shenanigans like passive, powerless victims. Another great blog, Shirlee.
    —–Bill Allen, Jr.

  3. Jean C. Troy

    I agree with all the comments, this election is a call to arms. I have lived through Presidents whose policy’s I’ve not liked, but this Man scares the Hell out of me. He is a self centered, self agrandizer. He wants law and order what does that mean, all our young black men will now go to jail? He is doing things with out thinking it through. I will stand up for my rights but like one of your commentators I can’t sand a long time which I find very frustrating

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