Ah Yesteryear

  • January 31, 2014
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There’s no longer any point in making comments on the nonsense of daily occurrences because after so many years of writing, I’ve said it all.If I were to reread any one of my columns or a blog from last year or, for that matter, 20 years ago, (but blogs weren’t…

Beiber is Not News

I heard, like most of you, that Justin Bieber got arrested. I didn’t much care and thought surely there was some real news going on that the giggling-in-the-field reporters and giggling-in-the-studio anchors should be laying on us. Am I being anti-social and pretty much alone in not believing that  the antics…

Dr. Mom vs Arrogant Teacher

  • January 18, 2014
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Fires were raging in the foothills and the Santa Ana winds were reportedly blowing at 70 miles per hour, when the 6th grader told the teacher she was not to be on the playing field.He made her participate, anyway.  The following day Ms Mom sent a letter.  Mr Arrogant answered…

Baby Thug Snatched By Child Protective Services

  • January 11, 2014
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If you haven’t heard about Thug Baby, you don’t watch the six o’clock news. If you haven’t seen the disturbing YouTube video, now is your chance.  Just Google “Thug Baby” and you’ll have it..You’ll see a two-year-old in diapers, on camera, being drilled by people hidden from view, coaching him…

No V For Victory Just Yet

  • January 2, 2014
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“Well!” exhaled the black lady in front of me in line at the post office.“I’m just tired of S–t”, she went on to complain.As I see life, it’s our personal responsibility to reach out to a fellow sufferer, and so I did just that. With what I wanted to be…